what is ios

What is iOS?

iOS or Apple iOS is the own operating system of APPLE.INC. This OS used in iPod, iPad, iPhone. It based on MAC OS X operating system, a well-known version for Apple laptops and desktops. As usual, it has iOS developer kit that provides some tools that which is used for iOS app development. It explains the importance of what is ios.What is iOS

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iOS, the name refers, that it is for everyone. It mainly used in apple multi-touch devices, offers input through direct control, responds to many gestures like swiping, tapping and pinching.

It has internal accelerators that depend on some applications to respond for some user inputs. Known as handshaking, rotating the device in multi-dimensions. Every year a new iPhone version released. The current version in iOS is 12. It released in the year 2018. It is available for all iOS devices.

History of iOS

As an illustration in the year 2005, Steve Jobs started the plan of iPhone. At that point, he has two options, either he has to combined Mac or he has to increase the availability of iPod. At last, iPhone released on January 9, 2007, and came into the market in the same year. “iPhone operates with OS X” and at the same time runs on “ desktop applications”. After that, it named “iPhone OS”.

In the same year 2007 October, Apple declared its own software development kit. With this, any iOS developers can design applications. On March 6, 2008, Apple announced iPhone SDK.

Specifically for every mobile platform, we need an app store. The iOS App store started on July 10, 2008. It is the first app store that started with 500 applications. In September 2008 it went up to 3,000 and 15,000 in January 2009, up to 2 million apps uploaded until March 2016. These apps downloaded more than 150 billion times. In 2020 this apps will reach up to 5 million. Enroll for iOS Development Course Get Free Android Self-Paced Videos

By the way in the year 2007, September. Apple announced the iPod touch. Redesigned iPod, depended on iPhone iOS form factor. Especially in January 2010, it announced iPad with big screens. So that users can browse the web and many more.

Accordingly, in the year 2010, Apple renamed iPhone OS as “iOS”. It got this from Cisco. The first apple developer community started in the year 2016 at Naples University.

Now we will discuss a little bit about Hardware specifications of iPhone.


I think we all are familiar with ARM Architecture. In the year 2013, iOS 7 came with 64-bit. After Apple said it was going to 64-bit ARMv8-A with starting A7 chip.  When this process started 64-bit support updated to all apps in the app store. iOS 11 goes out for 32-bit ARM processors and 32-bit applications. By that only iOS, 64 bit will be used. Latest iOS version is updated.

 iOS Development

As I mentioned earlier, iOS SDK used for developing mobile applications in iPhone 10 S.

When they started developing iPhone and iOS, Steve Jobs dint allowed third-party developers to design apps for latest iOS. He allowed them to create web applications, for a safari web browser. To increase the employment in iOS, Apple introduced software that we all know it is Apple SDK for developers and released in 2008 March 6.

Generally, SDK is easily downloadable for Mac personal computers and not available for Microsoft Windows PCs. SDK provides access to developers for various functions, services of iOS devices known as software, hardware attributes. It has the best feature known as iPhone simulator, it just looks like an iPhone. When new version in SDK comes, we can develop apps according to the new version of iOS. If we want to test the applications, or if you want to get technical support, upload an iOS 10 application, simultaneously you have to subscribe with Apple Developer program.

Especially with the combination of Xcode, iOS SDK guides developers to script the ios applications. Moreover, it is an official programming language that contains objective C and Xcode.

iPhone unlocking

In starting many wireless carriers in the US,  did not accept iPhone owners to unlock for open source development. At last AT&T has allowed iPhone owners to unlock their mobiles on a contract basis. For unlocking, instructions are available in apple.com

So, in this way we can see what is iOS, in the upcoming blogs we will discuss more about it.

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