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What is Java?

What is Java?

Java is a Programming language that offers software for many companies. When you write a Java application, that code will run on so many operating systems. Like MAC OS, Linux, Windows. Java gets syntax from C and C ++. In this what is Java, a blog we will discuss more about topics as follows.

  1. What is Java used for
  2. How many platforms Do we have in Java
  3. How Java works
  4. What is the History of Java

Now we will discuss each topic in detail.

1. What is Java used for

Java, a widely used programming language for the Internet. It is the best language used for android platform and its applications. And well known for the Internet of things and edge Device.

For example, if you know C and C++, Learning Java Programming is easy. When you write a Program in Java, it used for total applications, this work on one computer or distributed clients and servers in a network. Not only for servers but also for small applications like an applet.

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We do not have a proper reason to say why Java become wide programming all over the world. As an illustration, I have a few reasons above it, that’s why it has become that much popular.what is java

2. How Many Versions Do we have in Java

We have three main key platforms in Developing Java applications and Java basic programs

  • Java SE

Easy and standalone applications developed in Java Standard Edition. They formerly known as Java SE, J2SE. Java SE provides any numbers of API that required initiating traditional Desktop applications.

  • Java EE

The Java Enterprise Edition known as J2EE offers the option to design Server-side components. These components will respond to web-based request-response cycle. This arrangement accepts the design of Java program, that communicates with Internet depended on clients. These web browsers contain CORBA-depended clients, SOAP, and REST web services.

  • Java ME

It offers a lightweight platform for mobile development that known as micro edition, and formerly known as J2ME. Java ME has proved that it is the best platform for embedded device development. But not that much work in the smartphone development area. We can consider android is the best platform for mobile development.what is java

3. How Java Works

Java is Object Oriented- Object has many advantages; of course, it is a part of the class of objects and derived from familiar to the class. Objects known as nouns instead of users can follow them as verbs. A process is known as behaviors or object capabilities. Eventually, object-oriented it most commonly known in today’s programming concepts. And it has two types of core java and advanced java. Learn Java online with real time experience.

For Instance in 1996, except design patterns in Java, few languages have used Design patterns and object-oriented concepts. The capability to develop, with a language designed from low level with object orientation shows the exact and clear view.

The Script is Stronger than any other language- Moreover if, we see programs in other languages, they are not that much strong. Java objects have no preferences for data, externals for them or other types of objects. By this Java Basics, it shows that an instruction does not have the address of data stored in other types of application. Or in any operating system, by itself. In Java, we have JVM, it will check the Quality of every object and clarify the integrity

Programs Designed in Java provide flexibility in any Network- The main code compiled into byte code. It can operate anywhere in a network that can be a server or a client, it has a Java Virtual Machine [ JVM ]. The JVM translates the byte code into code that operates on computer hardware. In fact, most programming languages do not follow the terms and conditions. They compile the code in the binary file. As a matter of fact, Binary files are best for only certain platforms. When a program written for windows, it cannot use for Mac OS or Linux-based systems.

As per Java update, it has JIT, (Just in time), it dynamically compiles byte code into a performable and executable code. As it is an alternate option, In many times, the dynamic JIT compilation is faster than the Virtual machine explanation.

4. What is the history of Java

As we know in the year 1996, the internet and WWW, world wide web are trying to work combined. At the same time windows 95, do not have an internet browser. The purpose of Java Designed to satisfy, the internet. Afterward, Java programming came into existence. Started pointing towards network programming. It is a big challenge at that time. By the Java.net API, it made simple in designing applications across a network.

The first version of Java introduced on Jan 23, 1996, known as Oak. In February 1997 Java 1.1 version introduced. From the past few years, we have seen many names on Java like Java JDK 1.2, that referred to as Java 2.

Java 2 has many improvements to the collections of APIs. In Java 5 we can see many changes like syntax by the latest feature called as Generics.

In the year 2009 Google released SDK, that is a development kit for Android. It made mobile devices simple and easy to write the applications.

When Oracle bought Sun Micro-systems in January 2010. Oracle took it. Java 7 released by Oracle.

Java 8 released in March 2014, contains lambda expressions. These expressions are common in many languages. So, It is easy to write applications with a functional approach by using lambda applications. JDK 1.9 or Java 9 released in 2017.

Java latest version Java SE 11

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