What is Machine learning
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What is Machine learning? Here machines will learn by watching examples and experiences. we no need to write a tough program for the machine. In the place of coding, we have to provide algorithms to machines, so it can perform the tasks according to the given data.

In this blog on “what is machine learning” I will make you to completely understand about it and start with Machine learning online course. This blog guides you towards the following.

1) Use cases in Machine learning?

2) Reinforcement learning?

3) Unsupervised learning terminology?

4) Supervised learning means what?

5) Working Principles of Machines?

6) What is Machine learning? How Machines invented

We will start from what is Machine learning when you searching the best Food places in India, it also shows the suggested and similar places. Right so, this all done by, Machine learning.

Generally in google voice search, if you ask anything, it shows results according to your voice query. Right, this is also done by machine learning, these are very small examples.

I Think you have got, some Idea about Machine learning and a subset of Artificial intelligence. Its main goal is on machine learning, to design future predictions on its own experiences.

For what it works for? It starts machines to create decisions from source data. Instead of programming for some project or work. These works or programs or machine learning algorithms designed in a direction that, the machines improve themselves. By this, if a new task is given to a machine, it analyzes the old data and successfully completes the new work with old experiences.

What is the machine learning-How machines Invented?

What is Machine learning

For example, if we see the Hollywood movies terminator, terminator-Salvation. It explains how machines build themselves and program themselves. So coming to the point the future is in the hands of machines and Human-beings.

Machine learning project or concept is as same as Human behavior and development. Humans born from their ancestors and learned many things till now. In the same way, machine learning will be derived. In factories or in any company, a project will be completed with the help of Humans and machines.

Amazon prime Air best example for machine learning

Working Principles of Machine learning

Generally, Machine learning applications or algorithm got trained by training Data to Design a Model. If we give the latest input to the ML algorithm. It designs output predictions on principles of the sample.

The Machine learning output prediction should be accurate and exact, then only ML algorithm will be moved. If not, it sent for Re-training with big data set.

The above example will show you about machine learning Datasets.

Supervised learning means what? A Training Model!

As a matter of fact, We can see in schools students getting trained by teachers. Now, who is the teacher for the machine, a dataset is a teacher for the machine. Once the model got trained it starts predicting, the decisions when the latest data is given to it.

Unsupervised Learning terminology?

This is a special model, it learns by observing things and humans. It scans path in the data. It’s automatically checks designs and understandings, between dataset by designing clusters. It has an option that it adds labels to the cluster. If we show cars and bikes to it, it can’t say whether it is a car or bike, because both are vehicles. But it separates them.

Reinforcement learning

If we show a route map to the machine, it will find the best way to reach our destination. Or it will fail to show the output. It just acts as a fight or flight hormone in humans. RL predicts the new method for designing and predicting Data.

Use Cases in Machine Learning

The best use cases for collaboration ( Cortana), face detection ( mobile camera), security ( Finger Print sensor ), customer service (chat-bot), Sales Optimization(virtual Displays in Malls), Automation (self-Driving cars) google machine learning course


I Think you have got some idea on “what is Machine Learning” and “Machine learning language”, for more in-depth Information, stay tuned for my upcoming “Machine learning Tutorial”.Machine learning is not a new technology, unknowingly we, using it from many years. The future of the world is the combination of Humans and machines.

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