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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is NoSQL?

NoSQL is the latest way of designing a Database. In fact, it not considered as database. If we think in practical way, the relational database is not the good solution for every Situation. It designed with limitations of old relational database technology. When we compare with relational database technology, it offer best performance. In the blog what is Nosql, we will see the best features of it.What is NoSQL

What is NoSQL Database?

Graph Stores

It used to store the information about social connections, networks. Graph stores contain Neo4J and HyperGraphDB.

Big Column Stores

Generally, it is just like Hbase, Cassandra that which optimized for queries on big Information sets and collect columns of stats in a combined way instead of Rows.


AccumuloCassandraScyllaApache DruidHBaseVertica.

File Databases

A dual method of every key by a complex stats structure, that which known as Document. Document has much type of key-value pairs.

Main Stores

It known as simple stores NoSQL database. Each single item in memory stored like an attribute name. Instance of main value stores known as Voldemort and riak. Some main value stores like Redis, accept every value to have a method like Integer that which adds functionality.


AerospikeApacheIgniteArangoDBBerkeleyDBCouchbaseDynamoFoundationDBInfinityDBMemcacheDBMUMPSmemory drives, OrientDBRedisRiakSciDB, SDBM/Flat File dbmZooKeeper


In NoSQL db we have big volumes of unstructured, semi structured, and structured Information.

It contains Agile Sprints, fast Iteration and best code pushes.

Known for object oriented programming that is simple and easy. In the meantime, it is simple db store.

Hadoop and NoSql

Most important we all know that Hadoop is not a type of Memory Drive. However, not just like a software system, it accepts big parallel computing. In particular, it is termed as enabler of some categories of distributed memory drives in it. Furthermore, this can accept for stats to distribute across many servers with small decrease in performance. Simultaneously it is a part of Sql database.


To enumerate we have many key value stores that contain document files, with column and graph Information drives. However, it developed in the year 2000 for dealing with concerns of SQL memory drives and unstructured statistics.


Auto elasticity is automatic and no out stage is required.

In other words, its transaction is based on CAP theorem. It contains more flexibility and non-rigid schema.

Integrated caching, it support integrated caching and many more.

NoSql is community depended and enlarges support model.

OLTP is considered less likely for OLTP system.

Joins, No joins, they do not have high end Interface for designing complex query.

Coming to language, it has an unstructured query language. As a result, Scalability is Horizontal and the schema is dynamic.


Cassandra,Neo4j, MongoDB. Its stats storage model depended upon, NoSql memory type. For instance, the key value of stores operate in a similar way. For example with more critical information, sometimes memorized within the value columns. Document memory drives go away with row and table model combined. In fact, by storing all relevant information in combined and single, document like Json XML.

Implementing in your organisation

Not to mention every organisation starts their journey with SQL Memory Drives. To illustrate this creates those best and excellent fit for latest and modern Information storage tasks. In that, it is often best far better and cost effective than the old relational memory solutions.

MongoDB known as Best Database

In particular, We have many memory drives in it, in that we have mongoDB. Which is used across its own memory drive. For Storage admin and developers, mongoDB offers high availability, performance, scalability and many more. Equally, Important It offers immense business value, that which enables latest applications that offer dramatically updated customer experience.

Free and top used data bases


It known as a web graph memory, which have many additional software components. An open source that which guides in an easy development of total web applications that depended up on a graph foundation. At the same time, it is the best nosql database.


There is a NoSql DBMS, an open source. It have many features for both graph document and DBMS. It known as fast system that can collects more than thousand records on familiar hardware. Master MongoDb IT certifications from OnlineITGuru.

I have completed this blog; I hope that you have understood this blog very well. For Online training on Nosql contact onlineITGuru team.