what is pega

What is Pega?

Pegasystems Inc is the Master software for operational excellence and customer engagement. It designs software for Business process management (BPM), Digital process automation and customer relationship management (CRM). we will discuss more topics in this what is pega blog.


Alan Trefler is the founder of the Pega system. He founded it in 1983 in Massachusetts USA. At that time, he developed a computer system that can play chess. After that he focused more on offering case management for companies like American Express.

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Alan Trefler main aim is to develop a system that solves tough business problems into simple. Simultaneously a software that masters how, business people need their work to do. And become a public company in 1996, started trading in NASDAQ with Pega symbol. In 2013 it hired cloud technology. It invested in network operations in North America and in India also it made a path for cloud services. Recently it acquired Bangalore Company Mesh-labs and text mining and analytics software startup.

Pega Certifications

CSA – System architect                        »           Explain about PEGA CSA?

CSSA – Senior system architect           »         Explain about PEGA CSSA?

CLSA – Lead System Architect

CRSA – Robotics system architect

CUIS – UI Specialist

CPDC – Decisioning Consultant

CPMC – Marketing Consultant

Pega Business Role Certifications

PCBA – Business Architect

CPMC – Marketing Consultant

CPDC – Decisioning Consultant

PCDS – Data Scientist

What is Pega testing?

It has best built-in features for testing, Especially we can call it as Automated unit test or simply we can call it as AUT. In the updated version of Pega testing as it supports many features like case type, Data transform, flows and data pages. As we are in testing, we should have knowledge of understanding this type of techniques to get a quality application. Using  AUT we are not just automating the rules, but we are designing making a conclusion that any type of rule or step can be changed. It can be gathered when we run the rules.

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We think that with it, we can do only AUT, but we can work with debugging tools like SMA, DB tracer, PAL/PLA, UI Inspector, Tracer, Clipboard.

By making use of the above QA team, this can analyze the issues without going into the development team in agile dashboards. By this dev team can fix the issues.

Even in operator ID, it will play an important role in checking the application design. So being a tester you have to know some declarative rules, service level agreements, workbasket concept, work-list concept, Access group, Rule set, and Operator ID. As a matter of fact Every year the demand for Pega training is going on Increasing.

Why we have to choose Pega?

No code and High speed, Pega tool itself writes your software and shows the path to your way. When you deal with a customer project and if you don’t know your customers. So you may try to get the data from the combined customer databases. You may try to see some customer databases as well. So to decrease your work, it is delivering AI capabilities from many years by Pega BPM customer hub. It is a centralized one and shows you the power of machine learning, predictive analytics. Real-time decision making is done on customer data systems and some updates like orchestrating engagement on many customer Interactive channels.

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Production for Technical and non-technical techies

Generally, When a software is designed with programming concepts, only persons who knows coding can design a software. With the help of Pega 7 business models, operation experts, CX leaders, sellers, marketers can design the software that they need and get productivity on the business. Subsequently, they have to process the latest type of work, that draw the life cycle, that need to 1:1 marketing ratio you to design your decision techniques.

Designing systems at the enterprise level will take it to IT expertise. Pega stock shows Developers the tools that they need to architect Business applications. And as well as they handle integrations and DevOps. We make use of AI to get the best performances. In the same fashion, it helps IT to empower their Business partners to take combined ownership for their best applications. As an illustration, you get applications that better work with IT and business.

So I have covered a lot of things in our what is Pega blog, in upcoming days I will share more topics about the Pega.

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