Pega is one of the major industries in leading companies with BPM tool in a software platform. Pega systems have high demand in marketing shares with large corporate services. It stands as a Program in Extra-Galactic Astronomy which means business management tool, and it has ruled in process commander and it is not a program compiler or language. It is developed by using both OOP and java concepts. The major advantage for PEGA is no need any software coding which provide manual work to complex systems in enterprise level.

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Pega Architecture:

Pega systems become most popular due to integrating architecture which stores all the requirements process artifacts, policies user interface in a single position. It does not have separate tools for requirements integration, gathering, and process design, reporting and designing screens.

Pega ruled is in the process commander is a Pega development platform and it contains java based architecture that can easily build scalable and extendable applications.

Case Management Services: It relates for approach bank to opening the account a case they created will trigger several processes for document collection and credit checks all the processes are completed the case gets closed.

Business process Management services: It can be used for the Process modeling, executing workflows and policies, Process simulation, handle routing logic etc.

Business Rules Services: Pega rules is in Business rules Engine that can create specialized rules to process execution, monitoring, and integration.

Management services: it can be used in Business process Analysis and Business monitoring Activity.

Presentation services: it exposes UI at any browser send email, PDF documents that are existing in client intranet portal with a gadget.

Object Persistence services: it is going to handle application data with serialization.

Pega Architecture

What is Pega?

Pega is a platform to provide a systematic approach for constructing and establish process oriented with rule-based solution and applications. Some of the applications are Business Process Management, Decision Management, Customer relationship Management and Case Management solutions are examples that process and rules are basic fundamental part of application development. It provides developer to a designer studio is web based will act as an integrated development Environment to build applications.

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What are the main Components of Pega?

• Header
• Work Area
• Developer Toolbar
• Forms
• Explorer Panel

What is a class structure in Pega?

Class structure is design for basic fundamental part of Pega application. To Design the scalable and extensible class Structure in the beginning of the project it will be useful to avoid expensive re-factory. Enterprise class structure allows PRPC application to coincide with each other and finally built they customer Pega frameworks. The class structure is a starting point to enterprise reuse and integral to the long-term success to BPM in the organization.

Recommended Audience:

This course is for all audience those who are interested in working business development in any organization. Stakeholders, project managers and who can understand the basic core concepts of Pega marketing. It is used for Pega certified system Architects and providing Pega 7 related support in decision management.


One should have the basic fundamental knowledge on Html & Xml and finally, should have the understanding of the logic to developers and must have some knowledge of object-oriented programming languages like java or C++.Hence the class structure and inheritance used in the product.

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