Power BI is a Microsoft tool introduced by Microsoft Company. It consists set of software services like power BI App for share point and connectors work together will change the unrelated data converted into reasonable information. It is Microsoft latest cloud-based system with fast access to data in Analytics and reporting tool. Some of Power BI features included in this service such as power BI Desktop, power BI Query, power pivot, Data Analysis.

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Power BI Architecture:

Power Bi is completely built in a cloud by Azure. The power BI basic architecture was on two clusters. First one is web front-end cluster and second is back-end cluster. Web front end device is used for initial connection and authentication process. Whereas back end device maintains Data storage, visualizations, data refresh and data connection. By using these power BI service one can store the complete organization information in the cloud with Power BI gateway path.

Power BI Architecture

Power BI Desktop is an enlargement tool that used to generate dashboards and reports. Power BI applications will be access by other users through desktop and mobile devices.

What are Power BI Components?

Power BI components are 5 main components released in the market. These components are separately entered into the market and they are used one by one.

• Power Query
• Power Map
• Power BI Mobile Apps
• Power Pivot
• Power View

Power Query:  Power Query is a data transformation and mashes up. It can extract the data from various sources. One can read data from databases like SQL Server, My SQL, and DB2 with several databases. It will fetch the data from files Text, Excel and provides a graphical user interface for transform the data required and adding columns, changing types with different operations.

Power Map: Power Map means to get the picture of Geo-spatial information in 3D data visualization tool. It works with Bing map to get good visualization at Geographical latitude and longitude or street address information.

Power BI Mobile Apps: They are supported in Windows phone, Apple phone, and Android mobile. it provides an interactive view of dashboards and reports in Power BI that can share from a mobile app.

Power Pivot: It is a data modeling engine that works on X-velocity at memory based tabular form engine. In memory engine Power Pivot generate super fast response time power pivot uses data analysis expression language to measure and calculate columns.
Power View: The central data visualization component of Power BI tool is a power view. Power view consists of data visualization will collect data source and get back the metadata can be used for data analysis.

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What are advantages and disadvantages of Power BI?

Power BI Advantages:

• Power BI sets business intelligence tools in creation with hands of analysts’.
• It extracts the data and creates the dataset, transform or change the data, visualizes the data to publish resulting reports and dashboards.
• The top most benefit is providing a basic capability for achieving self-service BI by question and answer.
• Dashboard visualization is top in class with regularly updated with the community.
• Geomaps visualization was empowering by Bing search engine maps.
• Data Analysis expressions scripting language is simple to construct and used to create calculated columns and measures.

Power BI Disadvantages:

• Few related data source will permit real time connections to power BI reports and dashboards.
• Dashboards and reports only shared with users having the same email domains.
• Power BI will not mix imported data that accessed from real-time connections.
• It will not accept the file larger than 250MB and power BI zip file compressed by the data of X-velocity in memory database.
• CRM data model is not supported to view the CRM reports and dashboards at CRM applications.

Why should we need Power BI?

To create charts, reports, and dashboards for a long theme that provide a soon consumer look on the reports and having more questions on a report about the data.

Power BI is a self-service Business Intelligence .it was used in different roles or experience level to interact the data.

In power, BI user can open datasets for to drag and drop required fields in the browser to create reports for pin dashboards.

Recommended Audience in Power BI:

• Software Developers
• IT Architects
• Designer and Analytics
• Testing Professionals
• Business Reporting professionals


To learn Power BI one should have the basic knowledge of any query language like SQL, DB2, to understand the basic concepts in Power BI.

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