What is Process Builder in Salesforce
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Most of the peoples are confuse between Process Builder and Workflow. When to use Process Builder and when to use workflow?  And, what are the differences between Process builder and Workflow?  These problems are was faced who are beginners in the Salesforce. For all the above question, we will discuss below. I hope from this blog people get clarity on Process Builder who is in the learning stage in Salesforce. All well know about Salesforce. And, What are the reasons companies use Salesforce? And some important topics in Salesforce are written in the previous blog. If you want any details on those topics to stay sometime and visit my previous blogs. Otherwise, contact Onlineitguru. From this blog, I explain about What is Process Builder in Salesforce?

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Before knowing the importance of Process Builder, I have a small doubt. Why people are going with Process Builder instead of the workflow. For this question, experts say that Process builder performs more actions than workflow. It helps to automate very easily in our business. It provides a powerful and user-friendly visual representation as our process. Let’s have a look on below.

What is Process Builder in Salesforce?

Salesforce Process Builder is an advanced version of the Workflow. What is Workflow? I explained in the previous blog, go through if you are interested. The aim of the Process builder is to eliminate the use of multiple workflows. why means workflow has one condition and one action. But, in the case of Process Builder, there are several conditions in one Process Builder. It is a powerful tool to automate the business. By using this one almost manual work will decrease, and we can automate the process to do automatically. It gives the ability to do the things which workflow can’t.

What is Process Builder in Salesforce

It can allow updating the child record. But, in workflow, they don’t allow to update the child class. Using workflow, we send the outbound messages without any code. But in Process Builder, they can call apex code so it will send the emails alerts. This will helps to collaborate with different team members. In below we will discuss some actions available in process builder.

Trigger Apex code: Assume, we can write a code in Salesforce. But, we want apex code in that time Salesforce process Builder will use to invoke apex code. For this process, we can use the attribute @AuraEnabled attribute.

Create Records: With Process Builder, we can create a new record and set the values for a new record. It works powerfully not as workflow only uploading.

Email alerts: We must create an email alert and then it sends an email from a process. That Email alert contains a list of recipients and standard text.

Trigger flow: To automate a business process, we want to launch a flow from our process.

Post to Chatter: This will helps to post the information to any person within the Salesforce. Once we trigged the process the post will appear in the chatter field.

Submit for approval: The records will be submitted when it starts the process. Remaining records can’t submit for approval.

Quick actions: In Salesforce, we have global actions. By using those actions we can send an email very easily.

Process: By this action, we can call another process to another process. In below we will discuss the difference between Process Builder and workflow.

Process Builder does not support outbound message but workflow supports this option.

Process Builder is more flexible than workflow.  There are some problems with a workflow like we can’t update child record, invoke an apex and auto submit records.

As above discussed process builder supports multiple if/then statements. But in workflow, only a single if/then statement. Process Builder supports apex methods. And, it supports to update the parent to child. These are the main difference between Process Builder and Workflow. From this blog, I explained What is Process Builder in Salesforce? I hope it Helps you.

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