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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is Salesforce?

From the last Five years, we have seen a big increase in cloud computing technologies. The technology, which has bought a big Impact in Cloud computing is Salesforce. Here I will introduce, you to Salesforce and we will discuss: what is Salesforce? Why we have to use Salesforce? What is the use of Salesforce? Why every company looking for techies with Salesforce Certification? in the first place.

How did it start? When Salesforce is not there, CRM solutions, that is customer relationship management Solutions, provided on company inbuilt server. Installing, maintenance, and price for this type of servers, not negotiable. For solving this type of problem, Salesforce came into existence. It has terminated all the issues. Served software as a service. It is the 4th largest CRM company in the world. Now you can learn salesforce easily.

Why only Salesforce? Why not others?

Generally, the solution for this is very simple. It shows alternate for every sales issue, with help of internet. It totally transformed the business model, you can also make use it by paying monthly.

Complete Salesforce Projects on Industry level and Speed up your Career

Before going to Depth, What is Salesforce, let me explain to you that why we have to choose Salesforce CRM. It offers you with App, that is related to your idea.

Straight forward you can focus on designing, your app by Salesforce tools. Rather, than designing the Architecture tools on our own. This can save so much of time.

Salesforce CRM is famous for three major Reasons.

Fast processing of data and it take a year, to move and compare that to months or even weeks with it.

Easy to use and saves more time.

Since it is a cloud, you can access it from anywhere with the Internet.

You can Integrate Sales force with your own applications. Even a small business can make use of it.

The analysis that makes you select Salesforce

It has 2,00,000 customers across the world. In the sky of CRM Salesforce has a share of 25%. Its competitors are Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. In its app exchange cloud, 3,000 applications will drive the complete 3 million installations. Here more than 80 % of clients use applications in app exchange. Many companies are looking for it. There is an increase in demand of cloud developers.

What is Salesforce?

As a matter of fact, the above Image shows the example of Salesforce. We know that Sales force is known for software as a service company. It provides many software solutions. The best option for clients and developers, to share familiar or common technology. Operate on the latest version of Sales force. We can say that multiple users can share simple technology and operate on the latest versions. There is no need of worrying about architecture or Design.

Products and Services from Salesforce

For Deep, understanding of Sales force, you have to know how many services and products that it is offering. When we have to use them, we are totally aware of that services. Like the cloud, social and mobile domains.

Now we will discuss some services of Salesforce

Health-If you deal with a health IT organization and need a CRM system, that contains patient and doctor management. You need a health cloud. With the guidance of a patient profile, you can guide one on one Integration system.

IOT- if your company require to store and manufacture IOT data. You can use this service for IoT cloud. The platform is designed to take big amounts of Data produced by customers, applications, websites, and sensors. From receiving this data, the platform starts actions to provide Practical time responses.

Sandbox- accept developers to examine ideas insecure and isolated environment.

Heroku- it gives developers the flexibility to design applications, by using their preferred language and tools.

Thunder- is used to process big data and rules. It is a well-known engine for processing and analyzing events. it accepts Developers and admins to start websites, applications into the main platform.

App Cloud - To move and develop custom applications. This will operate on the Salesforce platform. You can make use of it for designing, custom applications. Few tools in the application cloud are above.

Analytics - It offers a Business Intelligence Dashboard for your company. To work with big Data files. For designing charts and graphs. It optimized for mobile and data visualization and it integrated with different Sales force clouds.

Commerce - Soon it starts your company to provide, non-stop customer service without any need of their location. It offers customer data Integration. By that, your users or consumers will get good experience. If your target is to offer the user with good and engaging user experience, you need commerce cloud service.

Community - if you want a social Dashboard or platform for your company. For better communication on your employee's partners and customers. Then definitely, you should know about Sales force community cloud. You can use this as a social network for sharing your images in practical time.

Salesforce service cloud - Similarly, it is a service platform for your organization customer team and support team. It offers some features like case tracking and social customer relation issues.

Marketing - By the way, it offers the best digital marketing platforms. In your company, they can use it for Content creation, web personalization and many more.

Sales Cloud- Equally with this you can, manage your organization’s sales, marketing, and customer support. If your company is a B2B and B2C, then sales cloud need the service of your sales team.

I request you to see the Salesforce training video, that shows you what it is. See the video and enjoy It and tell me, how is it?

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