What is SQL Query
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What is SQL Query?

SQL full form is Structured query Language. SQL is implemented to interact with database. From ANSI, it is considered as standard language to relational data base management. With SQL Statements we can update data base and get the data from it.

Companies, which use SQL, are Access, Ingres, and Microsoft SQL Server. Sybase, oracle. Not to mention every Data base uses what is  SQL query.

The basic SQL statements are SQL commands. Like Drop, Create, Delete, Update, Insert, Select. By this statements , we can almost get everything from data base.

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What is SQL Query


A query  considered as a question, that often shown in a legal way. Database query is considered as action query or select query. Select query considered as data retrieval query, And a action query will ask additional operations on the data like Deletion, updating, and insertion.

Query Language

Usually query languages used for making SQL queries in a data base. Microsoft Structured Query language is the standard and basic language of Microsoft.

Web search query

When we type text in search engines, like google, yahoo and bing it called a query. Search engine queries will give us best information, that which is different from SQL language. Because, they do not need keyword or positional parameters. On the other hand A search engine query considered as a request, from a user to know about particular information or a topic.

Is SQL a programming language

SQL is a programming language and Query language, why am telling means, a SQL programming language has to perform multi tasks and should make logic decisions. At the same time SQL is not similar to a programming languages like C and Java.

We have to know about databases. The main designers of databases, Microsoft introduced T-SQL, PL/pg SQL designed by PostgreSQL, and oracle made PL-SQL. These all languages has pre-defined control structures and looping between them.

What is SQL used for

Specifically SQL used for many purposes. Today we are getting a huge data from smartphones, and electronic gadgets. Companies use this database administrator course for Vendors, Inventory records, customer information and many more. Notwithstanding If the modification has done, raw data changed into a code that which used to achieve business goals.

Transaction management in Database

If modifications made to a data base, then that will potentially change the total data. So we should have a program for data integrity in any type of data bases. In SQL query example we have transaction control language that known as TCL commands. With this you can terminate uncomforted situation, it allows you to handle the modifications, you make with DML statements. As a advantage we can permanently save the transactions, it allows you to recognize the transaction. As a matter of fact you can restore data bases when an error occurred.

Data Control

Generally We can store a lot of data in data bases, the protection of data considered as a critical importance. If you want to increase the security , make sure that you not corrupt the data. Nevertheless Do not allow unauthorized access. With SQL you will get best and controllable access. By DCL syntax you can simply control the data and similarly you can simply remove the access or you can make changes.

By using SQL, you can store data on every client. While this may be true From a small message to sales reports, it stores each and everything. However If you want to search every client, it is possible in SQL.

In many excel sheets, you enter data manually. If you have large databases like access database. A SQL server database or big text file you can get that data by Excel. By using SQL statements in excel sheets. Therefore, We have data base management system to go all with this.

Most Important we can make connection between external data source. You can do this by without entering manual data. Once you get the data with SQL statements, conversely you can analyse and sort it. You can do any type of calculations if required.

We have to know some best points about SQL. It is portable, Interactive language, we can make multiple Data views, it has well defined standards. Simultaneously There is no much need of coding concepts required for SQL. With standard SQL statements we can do a lot.

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