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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is Tableau?

Occasionally Tableau is the best BI tool in the market, it is used to analyze and visualize in a simple way, Reduces data wrangling. You can access the present data set, and you can assign more time to Data-sets. It is an Introduction to it, we can see many good things in the following. As matter of fact it explains what is tableau.

Data Visualization with Tableau

Significantly this blog is the part of the tableau Tutorial sequence from OnlineITGuru. For mastering Data visualization, you should get Tableau certification. As going with you, in this blog, in the first place, I will show you, “what is tableau” and its working principles. What really about the Data Visualization.

1) What is Data Visualization?

2) Why you have to choose Tableau?

3) How many connections we have in tableau?

4) What is tableau Desktop UI?

5) Think about Tableau UI and its methods?

6) Design your first visualization in Tableau?

Now we will discuss, each and everything in step by step.

What is Data Visualization?

As a matter of fact, it shows people to think and understand about, data by adding visual context. It allows the user to point the Direction for showing or representing any Data. By the same token in some Bi, tools if we give some Data they automatically show many Data forms like. Info-graphics, fever charts, bar, pie, heat maps, spark-lines, geographic maps. It became, the core part of Business Intelligence.

Why you have to choose Tableau?

In the same fashion, it connects easily to any type of data sources like web-based data, Microsoft data or any warehouse data. You will get live, updates when you connect and perform reports on live. It guides you in selecting visualizations, according to your Data. It has a wonderful option in the tableau software is maps. You can to multiple locations in the world and collect your data.

How many connections we have in Tableau?

Equally, by implementing, you can connect many data servers and Data sources. With the file formats like TXT, JSON, CSV. You can Import data from Amazon Red shift, My SQL, Server.

Truly till now, we have discussed a few things how to learn Tableau, but we have to know more about it “There is saying in that tableau empowers the total organization

What is Tableau Desktop UI

As a matter of fact, we have started a connection with tableau online, it is time to think UI and watch how measures and Dimensions, are important in designing Visualization. You will know about filter shelf, page shelf.

Think about UI and its methods

The measure used for exact and accurate measurements. It guides you to answer your business represented questions. If a field contains a numeric value, it is placed in the option measure.

Dimension, in this case, it contains values that cannot be exact, the best it is used for city, category, and country.

Page shelf or in other words it analyses your data that depended, on separate values that are in the field. It designs a lot of pages, with a different view on each and every page.

Filter shelf additionally, you can add and remove data from your view, but also you can add measures and dimensions from data pane. That is to filter the shelf and filter your data. After filtration, the fields will be shown on the filter shelf.

Column shelf and row shelf, similarly here we have two options row and column shelf. These are for adding dimensions and measure to complete the visualization. The Row is represented as X-axis and column is represented as the y-axis. Last but not least, now we are going to discuss about Marks card shelf.

What is Marks card shelf correspondingly Mark card shelf is a part in the tableau training program, In this place, you can drag and mark the properties. It guides you to increase the path for, visualization by setting some features like Shapes, paths, and directions.

Design your first visualization in Tableau Identically I think now, you have got, some ideas about, what is it and some terminologies about it. Now let us move apart, see few steps in visualization that you can simply design in the Tableau dashboard. The below shown is a communicative and interactive visualization. Here you can see, many graphs that contain Packed Bubble, Heat map, Bar chart.


Till now, you and I have got some idea about tableau. You can check with our tableau training free trail. You will get training on tableau desktop, server, public and get certified.