What is the Relation between Hadoop and MSBI?
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Data from Hadoop and MSBI plays a crucial role in a company and it is the heart of the company. The data of a company is not static (or) stationary and is changing day to day exponentially.  From the beginning, we have 5  billion gigabytes of data till 2003, by 2011 the data is increased enormously in such a way that this data is generated by 2 days and later this amount of data is being generated for every ten minutes. Nowadays, data processing and reporting are changed dramatically on a  variety of platforms.

Generally, With the advent of Big data, Google is soon to hit the billions of data. This Bulk amount of data cannot handle and manage with traditional databases like SQL. They have the capacity of handling the little amount of data. Now No-SQL ruling the world of unstructured data for storage, warehousing and analytics, and Hadoop is being the most relevant technology for handling data. Microsoft is no doubt the pioneer for data management, data warehousing, and data analytics but the problem is that it handles only the structured data. Now Microsoft is trying to handle the unstructured data using the features of MPP. And Big data has proven experience in handling Unstructured data.

In this world, data is not in a unique format.  As a matter of fact, the data is a combination of multiple forms. There is no company that relies on single types of data.  To illustrate the data may in structured form (or) unstructured form (or) a combination of both. With the release of Hadoop Connector for SQL Server, it is highly probable that the SQL server becomes a source for  Hadoop Environments, as the ocean of unstructured data sits in the Hadoop environment in order for the SQL server to accommodate. The connectors were probably opening a door to the possibility where SQL  databases and SQL servers used in a combination with Hadoop and Map Reduce. So as to create opportunities for the entire ecosystem of the database community.

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Especially IT professionals from  MSBI and Hadoop use DBMS, SQL, ETL, Reporting consider this as an end of the ecosystem. But it is just mainstream of the IT-sphere in the world of data. The business that runs on Hadoop on Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter. Hadoop was supported by database giants like Teradata, Microsoft, Informatica. The challenge of Hadoop starts with bringing data into the Mainstream IT, which is warehousing data, reporting, and analytics. This method requires activities like data profiling, data cleansing, ETL, and Data Warehouse (or) data Marts.

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Generally, In the mainstream world, Hadoop is a source as well as the destination. It’s more like a content management system functioning. In the form of a database. In particular Hadoop an MPP system that can run on parallel nodes. As a matter of fact, Any application would have been the pump–in and pump out data, from Hadoop so as to import (or) export data from SQL databases to the Hadoop process.

Integration of Hadoop with MSBI:

Generally, the Microsoft version of Hadoop provides, most of the commonly used Apache Big data Hadoop platforms. Including the Distributed File system,  data transferring tools like Sqoop,  Hive for SQL Queries ODBC drivers to connect your tools like  Excel and SQL Server.

However, OBDC drivers extract the data from Hadoop, transform in SSIS and load them in an SQL server. Using the ETL technique, you use the power of Hadoop distributed systems and MapReduce so as to break down complex and unstructured data and then ETL portions of that into other systems. The easiest way to transfer data to SQL Server from Hadoop without using Sqoop using tools like SSIS.

This Integration process of MSBI and Hadoop are essential. Plays a major role in the purpose of data analyzing. For the future prediction of data, so as to get the best results of the organization.

These are the best-known facts about, MSBI and Hadoop. Check out more updates on MSBI and Hadoop by MSBI Online Training in Hyderabad.

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