What is the Role of Data Science in Telecom
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In the past working of the Data analysts in telecom Sector moved by so many type of errors. Errors like Prohibitive costs and loss in computing power. Data storage costs decreasing every time. Computer operating energy will increase to exponential level. We have some Business Intelligence (BI) providers like Tibco and qlilktech, oracle, IBM will Decrease the operation of many information. What is the Role of Data Science in Telecom to provide so much jobs for telecommunication Data Scientists.

Personal services:-

In the first place So many of this services updated in work process of Data scientists. Targeted on updating end user work Experience. To operate they have 360 Degree Profile involved. Role of Data Science in Telecom shows the User behavior. It’s a well-known for Search Designs and browsing. Previous purchase Designs, social media activity and user history, video. Use Demo graphics like gender, address and age. Which type of device used and service used and the geographic location. This will accept telecom companies to provide personal services like buying process. And business related message notifications to see on correct channels in correct location, Images i.e. Data science in networking.

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What is the Role of Data Science in Telecom:-

In summary We have familiar Japanese company known as NEC and as well as IBM. Singularly This will provide the extreme Research on Digital billboards by 2010. Implementing facial Recognition technology. NEC can recognize the age and gender of user and make messages to fix Demographics. Consequently IBM Developers focus to take Data from RFID chips implemented in mobiles. To design user personal advertising and analytics projects in telecom.

These operations do not avoid point of purchase. Changing telecommunications with the guidance of Analytics and Big Data. Big data offers telecoms that have the ability to track user in whole lifespan. From the first vendor interaction to post the purchase behaviors. For example When this behaviors combined with other key performance index values. For analysis this Data, useful get customer lifetime value. Produce Ideas for Brand updating. Tell the cross channel Results. Don’t go for user mixing process go with Data Science online course.

Optimization of Network:-

Generally In the past telecom companies handle this type of errors by putting caps on Data. Updating rows of pricing models. In upcoming Days Implementing real time and predictive analytics. Subsequently Companies can analyse subscriber’s intent and start individual usage policies. It do not create happy users it will improve efforts to analyse the subscriber behavior and design network usage policies. Above all not only Design happy users. Subsequently It advances the efficiencies and improve Revenue flows. As a rule Telecom sector has an option to combine the knowledge of network performance. For instance With Internal Information and external information to re transfer resources towards network hotspots.

Accordingly it has Important Practical real time analytics. That can implement the damage control for Example if we take. When What is the Role of Data Science in Telecom network go down each and every Departments like customer teams and sales teams. Subsequently That can switch effects and locate users affected. They fast implement efforts to point the error. Incidentally A user immediately support e-commerce cart. customer service representatives calm down after a call or text email. Some transporters opt to outsource this work to another vendors.

Social media analysis:-

Regularly Social media plays a major What is the Role of Data Science in Telecom. It has changed the way companies has changed.In the meantime The companies see their users’ data. Data Scientists get useful data from user reviews and social feeds. In this case They point this information to Indexed analysis. Consequently their main point would be working. As a result it will be helpful to telecommunications and publications.

Incidentally Update or avoid brand Images. Monitor usage patterns. Track reaction to latest products and campaigns. Recognize latest revenue flows. We have Geo fencing and sensor technology. Telecom Company can able to recognize customer Physical location with help of smart phone. Finally all the above concepts explains the What is the Role of Data Science in Telecom. 

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