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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is UI?

In the world of Information technology, UI user interface converted into a information device, which a user will interact. This has mouse, keyboards, and display screen appearance of a desktop computer.

“UI design Never ends until somebody using it”

It not only with a computer, but also with a website or an application. Today technology is updating very fast. This lead to development of many companies on UI and for improving the total user experience.


History of UI

If we see computers in 1990, we can see small user Interface with few buttons on user dashboard. This computers process used punching cards. Made by keypunch machines, this is the first and best method of input for computer Information and programs. Where punching cards existed from 2012 and at present some voting machines use punched card system.

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Nevertheless, UI design has started with introduction to the command line Interface, with this appearance a blank display appears with a line of user input. Users depended on a keyboard and few commands to direct transactions of Data with the computer. This command line Interface led to only one, in which menus will be strongest.

At last, the GUI has arrived, that is Graphical user Interface ( GUI ) started, from Xerox’s palo alto research center. It has taken and enhanced by apple computer, equally standardized by Microsoft on its windows operating system. Components of GUI include certain things like Windows icons, scroll bars, buttons, pull down menus and many more. As there is a big increase in multimedia. It contains latest components like virtual reality, sound, voice and motion video.

Mobile applications are becoming complicated daily and showed affect on UI. It moving towards a new concept known as Mobile UI.  Mobile UI especially considered as designing communicative interfaces on the smaller screens of mobiles and tablets, going with special features like touch control.

What is Ui app?

Mobile UI (Mobile user Interface)

A mobile user Interface is known as graphical user Interface, and commonly known as touch sensitive display in a mobile device. Like a tablet or a smart phone, by this users can easily communicate with the device applications, functions and web content.

Mobile UI is Different from Desktop UI. The touch controls and smaller screens size start special usability and readability. In a mobile Interface, symbols are used and controls auto-hidden.

Why is UI important?

Generally User Interface Design is the one of the best reason that your website is getting traffic. With this, users will enjoy your website, so that you can get best customers. If you or I, and any one visits the website their user experience will be considered as one of your first priority. As a matter of fact When people feel good experience on your site, it leads to profits and conversion rates.

What is UI Testing?

UI testing also know as Graphical user Interface testing. Your mobile application and website needs UI testing. It known as services that designed exactly to test performance of User Interface. In an easy way, everything about your website like graphical elements, buttons can tested in a smooth way.

Not to mention we have UI Automation for testing the code. Automated tests handle your application by user interface and it known as coded UI tests in visual studio. In other words this type of test contain testing of UI controls. As a result you can design the total application, that including UI.

What is UI developer?

The UI developer shows the intention of the code and take care about of the user Interface and its performance. In this process, however he will check the Intent of the design and its performances. He is responsible for best framework and tools to improve the speed of the website development.

 Two types of UI developers will be there, that will be front end and back end. Should know every UI developing technology. for example Front-end developer work is to develop the code by using Java script, bootstrap or any other technology.

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