What makes interesting in iOS 12.1
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With Today technology is moving faster. And today everybody would like to handle the latest gadget that was launched in the market. And Apple phones is becoming a brand in the market.  Moreover, today were very crazy to use these phones. So keeping that in mind, the developers were releasing the latest features periodically today. And it has released some features in the operating system. So do you want to know what makes interesting in IOS 12.1? And why people were attracted to this operating system? Read the complete article to know all these.

If you are familiar with IOS, then the next course that you need to do is iOS swift online course.

 What makes interesting in IOS 12.1 :

In addition to IOS 12, it has an added few features in it.  The features were listed below:

Dual Sim:

Since today, IOS doesn’t have the dual sim facility. But in this version, they were planning for the dual sim facility. And they also planning to launch the e-sim ( a sim that was embedded in the phone and can not is changed by the normal users). Usually, the primary sim is an e-sim and the second sim will be nano-SIM. And they were supposed to launch this features for the gadgets like iPhone XS, iPhone XS max and XR.

Face-time group calls :

Face-time is the most common feature used by most of the iPhone / iPad users.   In this IOS 12.1, it allows group video calls and can permit us to make calls up to a maximum of 32 people. Additionally, in this group call, it highlights the DP of a most talkative/active participant in the call. And the active speaker voice will be a bit high when compared to others people in the conference call.  Face-time conversion was end to end so that they will be private and view-able only by the participants.

New emoji :

Emoji usage is the most common in chatting with people. In the last versions IOS 12 it has released wild animals. Now it has released 70+ new emojis in this version. This includes red hair, gray hair, curly hair.  Additionally, it contains new emojis like representing mango, cupcake, leafy beans and bagel.  While coming to sports, it represents lacrosse and softball. in addition to the previously added animals, it adds few more animals like a raccoon,  Allama, kangaroo, lobster, and swan. What makes interesting in iOS 12.1

Depth Control  Camera :

One more reason for picking the iPhone is due to its high cam clarity. It the best cam clarity among the various cameras available in the market. And most of the people would like to take pics from this because we can adjust the blurs and fixes the blurred images with high clarity. In the portrait mode, it allows the advanced depth segmentation. And the depth of the field can be adjusted in real time preview and post-capture.

Additionally,  true depth camera with portrait mode works on the front facing true depth camera. This includes emoji and faster face tracking support for third-party AR Kit apps. When you taking the pictures on gadgets like iPhone XS, iPhone XS max and XR. You can find the ‘f ’ button at the top of the control. And press the button when you swap the photo in portrait mode. Here the dial will appear to control the amount of blur in the shot. What makes interesting in iOS 12.1

And the official release date of IOS 12.1 is not yet released. But the features that we are present in this version was released. And approximately for every 6 months. So by this, we can conclude this iPhone online course has a high demand in the  IT market. Because of the duration of release of the new version has decreased slightly.   So there is a demand for this IOS. And there is an increasing need for the IT people to have a command over the IOS.

Recommended   Audience :

Software developers

Project Leaders

Team Managers

Prerequisites :

There are nothing additional prerequisites required in order to purse the IOS course.It’s good to have a basic knowledge of programming languages like C++ and dot net.  But not mandatory. Trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics if you don’t have a  knowledge of those concepts.

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