What are the Products of Microstrategy

Before going to know about Microstrategy Products, let us know what is Microstrategy?MicroStrategy is Business Intelligence software, which offers an extensive variety of information examination capacities. As a suite of utilizations, it offers Data Discovery, Advanced Analytics, Data Visualizations, Embedded BI, and Banded Reports and Statements.

MicroStrategy products give access to our capacities by means of Clients, Servers, Drivers, Gateways, and Applications.

Client side:


In particular A customer license that permits end clients to see, execute, and cooperate with dashboards, reports, and archives by means of MicroStrategy Web. The correspondent permit offers everything the end client requirements for information investigation and utilization through pixel-idealize reports, records, and dashboards (keeping in mind the end goal to make, outline, and spare new substance, clients require a Web permit).


Enables associations to get to and mix information from numerous sources and make a rich diagnostic model. In the center this enables associations to fabricate a represented, adaptable, secure, and profoundly performant condition that can be utilized to assemble custom applications. By using API and all  related documentation accessible with the MicroStrategy SDK  marhed Web and Mobile applications can be fabricated by each associations.

MicroStrategy Products

Products of Microstrategy


A capable zero-impression interface that enables clients over the association to get to investigation on different browsers, and also analytics on configuration, communicate with, and use up data by means of pixel-culminate reports, records, or dashboards. This interface underpins different styles of business intelligence including information revelation, joined reports, proclamations, and solicitations.


Generally a free and simple to-utilize tool for self-benefit information disclosure that enables business clients to associate with various information sources, make dashboards, and settle on more educated choices. As  a result It enables groups to begin little and scale up as required with administration, making it really enterprise grade


Forefront Windows-based BI improvement tool that maps the physical structure of at least one information sources to a solitary, sensible, protest situated model of the business. MicroStrategy Architect gives an instinctive graphical interface and wizards to enable clients to characterize business rules for effectively making and keeping up business knowledge applications inside a brought together BI condition. Inspite BI architects can rapidly set up database-particular business necessities in MicroStrategy.


Expand data onto movable devices in two particular ways. Our Mobile solution is intended to be completely coordinated into the MicroStrategy Analytics stage, so it’s anything but difficult to use existing representations, reports, and dashboards to right away convey versatile BI. In any case, MicroStrategy doesn’t simply convey reports to a portable web program; it conveys a local, secure, versatile upgraded encounter that exploits the one of kind abilities of movable devices.


Furthermore it Gives investigation, character disclosure, marshaling, and two-way correspondence elements to direct complex examination and upgrade profitability for Badge clients. Numerous associations battle to see how their field workers’ opportunity is utilized on an everyday premise. In particular With Usher, chiefs can see ongoing maps of client movement and rapidly speak with scattered groups at the touch of a button.


Replaces physical identifications, key dandies, passwords, and different identifiers with computerized qualifications conveyed by means of a portable application. In fact Each identification marked by the issuing association and customized with a client’s name, title, and photograph. At the same time Identifications are powerfully and safely connected to a person’s benefits and get to rights. Furthermore MicroStrategy’s arrangement of computerized character identifications is more helpful and a request of greatness more secure than existing undertaking confirmation arrangements

Server Side:

Reporter Server :

Most Important server required for a Reporter customer client. It incorporates every one of the abilities of the Intelligence Server and the Analytics Server, and forces the end client activities on the Reporter customer. At the same time to enumerate the server enables the Reporter customer to expend a lot of information through information revelation and the capacity to execute dashboards, reports, graphs, and records.

Intelligence Server:

Specifically the architectural foundation of the analytics platfrom. In other words It gives the core analytical processing  and job management  for revealing, examination. For example checking applications with a capable arrangement of components. Including fundamental for a versatile, fault  tolerant, undertaking wide business intelligence system.

Analytics Server:

To illustrate augmentation(extension) to the Intelligence Server that includes memory . At the bottom Information usefulness to the standard ROLAP usefulness of the MicroStrategy BI stage. In other-words Simultaneously Analytics  Server makes and oversees Intelligent Cubes . Get in touch with OnlineITGuru for mastering the Microstrategy online Training

Recommended Audience:

  • Project Managers.
  • Software Developers.
  • Analytics professionals.
  • ETL professionals.
  • Who interested in maintaining the data


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