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MicroStrategy is an endeavor business Intelligence (BI) application programming seller. The MicroStrategy platforms supports intuitive dashboards, scorecards, profoundly designed reports, specially appointed question, limits and cautions, and computerized report distribution. Interfaces incorporate web, desktop (for developers) and Microsoft Office coordination. MicroStrategy stays one of only a handful couple of autonomous, traded on an open market BI programming suppliers in the business Intelligence (BI) market. Know more  at MicroStrategy Online Training 


MicroStrategy Architect  is a rapid advancement tool that makes the metadata object  that map  the physical structure of a database to a logical, object oriented model of the business. Architect utilizes a graphical interface and editors to connect the endeavour’s plan of action to the physical database tables and fields.The following diagram represents four- tier architecture.


The deliberation of the physical database into an intelligent plan of action makes subsequent report configuration utilizing Desktop greatly quickly and intuitive. The logical plan abstraction additionally gives a layer of confinement between the physical database and the reporting applications enabling each to change autonomously of the other as they evolve gradually after some time. Also, the object oriented   nature of the metadata archive permits all changes in the sensible model to proliferate quickly and straightforwardly to every needy dependent object.

  • Ø In the above figure, the primary level, at the base, comprises of two databases: the information distribution center, which contains the data that your clients dissect; and the MicroStrategy metadata, which contains data about your MicroStrategy ventures.
  • For instance second level comprises of MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, which executes your reports against the information distribution center

Finally If MicroStrategy Developer clients interface by means of a two-level venture source (additionally called an direct connection), they can get to the information stockroom without Intelligence Server.

  • Consequently the third level in this framework is MicroStrategy Web or Mobile Server, which conveys the reports to a client

Products :

Intelligence Server: MicroStrategy Intelligence Server™ is the building establishment of the MicroStrategy stage. As the focal contact point to the metadata, Intelligence Server powerfully gathers the metadata  to make streamlined, multi-pass SQL inquiries for each major social database, HiveQL questions for Hadoop dispersions, and MDX inquiries for multidimensional information sources. Insight Server recovers the information, plays out any extra expository computations not accessible in the databases, arranges the report, and conveys the reports to business clients by means of MicroStrategy Mobile, Web, Office, Desktop, or Distribution Services.


Especially MicroStrategy Web gives an intense and easy to understand condition for intuitive examination through any Web program. Reasonable for all levels of client refinement from tenderfoot to cutting edge. Meanwhile MicroStrategy Web contains report and dashboard seeing, arranging, sending out, rotating, arranging, penetrating, and specially appointed questioning to WYSIWYG outline and creation. Utilizing propelled Web innovation including xHTML, CSS, AJAX, Glimmer, and JavaScript, MicroStrategy Web conveys a very intelligent client encounter traversing the full range of MicroStrategy functionality


Report Services: In detail MicroStrategy Report Services™ is an extension to Intelligence Server providing pixel- perfect, print-flawless, and page-culminate application, dashboard, visual examination. As a matter of fact and report design and distribution through MicroStrategy Mobile, Web. In the same way Office, Desktop, and Distribution Services. Report Services conveys the most  demanding report designing

OLAP Services:

Usually MicroStrategy OLAP Services™ is an  play extension to Intelligence Server that includes memory information. Usefulness to the standard ROLAP usefulness of the MicroStrategy BI plaform. Not to mention OLAP Services makes and  oversees Intelligent Cubes, a multi-dimensional store . At the same time Structure that rates up access to the information you  utilize most.

Generally OLAP Services uncovered the report objects (measurements and properties) in the Intelligent Cube. Therefore examiners can control report objects, make determined measurements, amass pushes, and adjust channel criteria

Transaction Services:

At last MicroStrategy Transactions Services™ is an extension  to Intelligence Server that provides write back capacities from Report Services records. Simultaneously the prevalent utilize is in Mobile BI Apps, and it additionally works from Web-based DHTML records. Of course It composes back to ERP and other operational frameworks by means of Web frame works utilizing XQuery; and to databases through freeform SQL.


  • Instant global presence
  • High performance and reliability
  • Instant deployment
  • Elastic infrastructure
  • Better security
  • Low costs

Recommended Audience:

  • Project Managers.
  • Software Developers.
  • Analytics professionals.
  • ETL professionals.
  • Who are interested in maintaining the data

It is good to have Knowledge on Data bases. But it is not mandatory  and there is no  necessity  for the Knowledge of Programming Language

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