Who is an Ethical Hacker
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An Ethical Hacker is known as white hat hacker and Security Expert. With systematic approach he works with system applications and network and other Sources. The Reason of Ethical hacking is to find out the weakness in systems and system Design. Or other harming activities. Ethical hackers implement their skills and process techniques to test companies IT security. Company ethical hackers will save their company security system from Black hat Hackers. Especially this explains who is an Ethical hacker.Who is an Ethical Hacker

Who is an Ethical Hacker :-

Ethical hacking online course will provide advice to organizations who can empower their securities. Ethical hackers generally find Security measures to secure System configurations.Today every company is connected with Internet or it is providing an online service, As a Result this service should be tested by White Hat types Ethical Hackers.

Main Benefits of Ethical hacking:-

We have so many Methods of ethical hacking that are helpful an Organization. Subsequently This benefits explains who is an Ethical hacker.

Checking weakness, ethical hackers guide, companies to measure, their IT securities are effective or not. This security Features needed to be updated, because if they contain any weakness, that weakness is removed and the security system is made strong. As a Result When Famous Ethical hackers complete their task of solving security errors in IT companies.

They will send Report to the company IT security Teams that where the IT systems have been effected. Subsequently they will show an Example of Effected path. Regularly We can see other Examples like low availability of password Encryption and Insecure applications. By this Information Companies can get some Idea. Explores who is an Ethical hacker.

Method Followed By Cyber Criminals:-

This methods shown to IT executives, how the hacking techniques will harm their systems and spoil their Business. The companies who will have more knowledge about this type of cyber-attacks can prevent their systems. Helping to overcome cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks can spoil business. Especially for a small type of business. If we take most of the companies not well prepared for a cyber-attack.

Subsequently Ethical hackers can think how the threats operated and they know how the cyber-attacks planned and what techniques in it are. Every company has cyber security professionals, they implement their Work Process with ethical Hackers and they can prepare upcoming future attacks.Incidentally They can see modifications in online threats and As a matter of fact it shows who is an Ethical hacker.

Ethical Hackers implement familiar hacking skills that harms and attack the Companies.so in the below we can see some hacking techniques.

Checking the port to find weakness. Ethical hackers implement port hacking tools like Wire-shark, Nessus, N map to scan company Security System. Incidentally Understanding open ports and weakness of each port.so that they can take immediate security action to overcome it.In the first place Examining the patch starting process, monitoring and capturing by implementing correct tools.

Ethical hackers go with social Engineering techniques to make final users and get Information of IT Company Computing Environment. When ethical hackers search unsystematic by social media. Or they engage employees to fake cyber-attack by emails. Coming to the point ethical hackers should not use social Engineering techniques.

Certified Ethical hacker (CEH), it is vendor type of neutral certification from EC-council.In the first place Incidentally It is one of the leading certification.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), it is provided by a non-profit organization ISACA. This Organization associates with Governance and Risk management.

Certified Information Security Manager, advanced type certification provided by ISACA. Finally all the above concepts explains Ethical hacker. so many ethical hacking certification and IT certifications and preferred to security that can guide each and everybody to become ethical hackers from Ethical hacking certification. GIAC security Essentials , In the first place Certification Designed and Guided by Global Information Assurance Certification Company.

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


It’s good to have knowledge of Java and C++. It’s not mandatory. Finally in OnlineITGuru Trainers will explain each and everything in a practical way so that, you gain more knowledge.

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