Android has become an integral part of our lives in the last decade. Today we were in a situation that, without Android, our daily activities will not be possible. And Taking our current situation into consideration, with the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes, the netizens are turning to cashless transfers with the help of apps like Paytm, free charge, and many others.  And if Android is not a part of our life, this situation would not be possible. Today in this article I’m going to explain Why Android has become an integral part of our lives

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Android is an open source software stack that can function on various devices with varied configurations. This is the major factor for the popularity of this platform.Today with enough skills android app development is easy . And  All they need is to develop their app using all their knowledge, skills and ideas. And then posting or uploading it on the App store.

Why Android has become an integral part of our lives?

Today, there are students around the world, including teenagers. They have created apps successfully and across the world many people were  downloading. Today most of the major firms, companies, businesses in different spheres that are building apps. Its intention is to reach a large audience and tap a wider market. Today print media essentially consists of magazines . And newspapers are now accessed on a smartphone every few hours as and when something sensational happens.

So, with such wide penetration of technology and smartphones, there is a growing demand for Android App developers in the market.   And to cater this need, there are various institutions around the globe trying to coach, train and teach students and enthusiasts the basics of Android Development in Android Online Training. Why Android has become an integral part of our lives

So The working and nature of Android programming with Online Android Training can be experienced with great ease by the people with knowledge of the working of Java.

Benefits : 

The course involves:

  • An introduction to Embedded Device Programming and Android
  • Understanding the platform like Eclipse to write code for android apps
  • Learning about Android SDK (Software Development)
  • Learning to use Command Line Tools with basics of Android programming
  • Using Android Emulator
  • Learning about Intents Lists, Menus and Phone Dialer
  • Utilizing a Cell phone’s GPS
  • Working with Google API and GTalk
  • And many other topics.

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