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Cloud computing is a paradigm which enables the access to the shared pool of configuration system, where the high-level services can be used rapidly with a minimal effort often over the internet.These third-party cloud services enable the organizations to concentrate on business rather than focusing their external things like hardware and storage maintenance. This cloud service is provided by many companies like Microsoft, Amazon and many more. Let us discuss why Azure is important when compared to AWS?

The word Azure is a pool of cloud services which enables developers and IT professionals to build, deploy and manage applications throughout the global network. It allows the users can choose and pick the services and can run these services either in their own server (or) in the public servers. Moreover, it efficiently supports you in efficiently building anything from simple mobile apps to internet scale applications

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Importance of Azure Over AWS:

Azure has a twice growth rate when compared to AWS which has 12% share in the IT Market.Even though it is less share in the market, but no other cloud providers don’t have even this share. For the services utilizing from one to three years, it offers a discount of up to 72%. If the user cancels the service before the agreement it takes only 12% and refunds the remaining amount. Moreover, it integrates other Microsoft tools such as share point, Outlook 365   and Azure is the best one which integrates all these tools.  Moreover, it automatically updates the latest versions where the end user automatically uses facilities and features of the updates of the version in that service

By taking the following points into consideration, we can say Azure is better when compared to AWS.

Paas Compatibilities:

Azure gives stronger and faster capabilities which are the most important part of the Cloud infrastructure. Microsoft Azure Paas allows developers to deploys and installs the software as the end user requirements. No what matter whatever the software that we are providing. Moreover, it also allows the devops connections for monitoring, managing and fine-tuning of the apps.

The list of tools that Azure supports Paas Compatibilities are shown below :

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Security Tool:

It plays a major role for any tool (or) platform.Without this feature, no user can able to store this data in their storage services. Microsoft stood first in providing the data in a secure fashion among the other cloud service providers.Moreover, it also contains the security at its base as well as at the private data where all the service would be protected over the Azure cloud.

Developer tools:  

Azure has become an IOT suite that provides the solutions for democratic scenarios like predictive maintenance and remote monitoring. Moreover, it also offers a core for push notifications, monitoring for  IOT developments, streaming analytics and machine learning capabilities which combines the cloud-based IOT services.

Integrated Environment:

This is the major factor why many people stick to the Azure.  It allows a table of integrated tools for developing, testing and deployment.The client can select the select the required tools/services from the cloud and have an option of changing the default service offered by the cloud provider.Additional service like web, media, and mobiles, API and mobiles can be changed to immediately start your Azure application development. The greatest advantage of this Integrated platform is that gives you the flexibility of solving the integration needs ranging from connecting mobile apps with on-premises LOB  systems to coordinating B2B partners.

 Cloud Services today is being provided by many people. But selecting the right vendor is necessary for the development of your business. Microsoft Azure offers a hybrid solution, Paas and many other beneficial features that are very important for the  Cloud strategy. Because of the above features many people shifting to service of Microsoft when compared with another cloud provider.

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


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