Why Big Data is End User Data

Big Data is about the storage of information and how end users use it?. If you are not analyzing the data stores. Then you are losing a great opportunity for competitive advantage. Why because Exploiting end-user data will ultimately save significant IT cost.  This will make your employees more productive. Finally, you can understand customers needs easily. To understand the full advantage of end-user data. You need to use the right tools, process, and best practices. Then you can develop your own strategy for the engagement process to customer needs. These steps have a  profound effect on your organization. in this article you will get a clear idea. Why Big Data is End User Data. And what is data lake in big data ?. You can also learn more about big data In Big Data hadoop online training

What is End User Data?:

Before going to discuss why big data is end-user data. First, we have to know what is End-use Data and understanding data lake. An End-user is a person where the software is designed for him. It will be either software or hardware.

End-user Data is data provided by data Ware House for query process. The technical computing world divided it into two types. They are high priests and novice. The high priest has knowledge about ins & outs of a computer.  These people shape computer programs and codes. On the other hand novice users. They are users of high priests of computing. They want knowledge or education from the computer. The higher priests are suppliers of end-user data. They are the programmers in order to produce the desired output.

The  End-user Data entry is in many forms.  They are available in Graphical software tools. It will have text boxes, radio buttons, combo boxes etc. the text box can accept string data. The radio button can collect data through selection. Combo box  & List box gives the choice in the list. A checkbox allows multiple selections. End-user Big Data are data from which process are done and the final output is generated. The output is not only from human but also from the server.

Why Big Data is End User Data?

End-user Data make the customer insights into users. To make full advantage over it. You need the right tools, process, and implementation. CIOS estimates mobile workers in the U.S. will number to 105 million. Gartner says enterprises workloads are beginning to move to the cloud. These tell us how technology is an organization. Many companies are gathering a large amount of data. It is through  IT and IT support. Data is trapped in order to turn information into sights. So the solution is focused on data. and process the data within your system. You can learn more on big data in onlineitguru .you will get complete idea about big data .you can also follow Big data hadoop online course for new updates in Why Big Data is End User Data.

The main reason for people using end-user data is as follows. It is an interactive form of BI. It includes data discovery, data mining and the use of advanced analytics. It’s also a key factor in faster analysis and insights. Organizations gain new value to gain new insights. Market researchers find end-users are excited to combine data and build models. Marketing and sales are the key users to develop any business. So we can conclude that Why Big Data is End User Data.

Recommended  Audience:

Software Developers

Analytics  Experts

Data Warehouse  Professionals


It is good to have a basic knowledge of Java and Hadoop. And basics of SQL, Linux. If you are not aware of these technologies. No problem onlineitguru will guide you with everything. They will explain each and every topic clearly. You can also get more information on big data in Big data hadoop online course. There you can find different blogs of big data.

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