why does analyst model the data
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Data modeling is a representation of the data structure in a tabular Format. It is very important for company business requirements. It is the guide for analyst in design & implementation of the database. These Data models use for many purposes from conceptual model to physical model. So There is a lot of need for the analyst to model the Data.  In this article, you can learn about. what is the data modeling?. And why does analyst model the data?. You can also learn more about Data modeling concepts in MSBI online training.

What is Data Modelling?

Data Modelling is the process of converting a complex design to simple. we use text and symbols to represent in a simpler way. It is an important skill for data scientists. furthermore Data models use at the time of analysis of the project. similarly It is a process to define data requirements for business. These techniques use for modeling the data in a standard, consistent manner. Data modeling supports physical and logical structure to  Analyst.

A Data model is a set of data diagrams that reflect design. so, there are mainly 3 types of primary models. almost they are physical, logical and conceptual. Physical Data model represents the structure of the database. It is in the form of table and columns. so, due to Logical data model have all the attributes that use for the application. It may include rules that are relevant to the process of application. A conceptual model hides the internal details. Such as physical storage, data type, relationships, and constraints. Data models describe the structure, integrity aspects of data. They do not describe documents, pictures etc. This data modeling techniques help us to analysis the data.  

why does analyst model the data?

Data Model can be a flowchart that provides a relationship among data. It helps to identify errors & make changes in any programming languages. so, data modelers use multiple models to view the same data. finally, They use for identification of processes, entities and data flows. They initiate new projects by collecting requirements from clients.

Data modeling is to assist programmers, testers and business analysts. It uses for manual writers, IT selectors, engineers, and clients. And it uses for data as a resource  & integration of information system. Data modeling uses for designing Database or data warehouse. They are progressive. Finally It is considered a living document. Because it will change its response according to a business. It is stored in the repository. So it can be retrieved, expanded and edited according to our wish.

There are 2 types of modeling. strategic & system analysis. Strategic data modeling is the creation of an information system strategy. There you get overall vision & architecture for the information system. And in system analysis, logical data models are created for the new database. Data modeling also used  for business requirements of a specific database. So it is called database modeling. Data modelling provides a framework. And It uses for Information system. Data model  also uses for sharing the applications data smoothly. why does analyst model the data.

Modeling Methodologies

There are many ways to create data models. But only two methodologies are important. First is Bottom-up models. They start with existing data structures forms, fields and reports. These models are physical and application specific. so, It is not useful for data sharing. The second is a Top-down logical data model. The system will not implement all entities in the logical model. But it serves as a reference model. so, We can also create models in a combination of two methods. According to data needs and structure of the application. Thus these techniques helps analyst in building  the business. why does analyst model the data

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