Why does data scientist prefer R- language
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We do live in a world where we have several programming languages around us. Each programming language has its own importance. Each programming language has its own special feature. Among those many programming languages, R-languages is one of them. In these many programming languages, do you think why do data scientist prefer that language? Moreover, have you ever think why this language has gained importance in this language? Moreover, Whats new in  R  to choose this language for their programming? Read the complete article to Know Why does data Scientist prefer R- Language.

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Why does data scientist prefer R- language:

Before going to Know Why does data scientist prefer R- language, let me explain you some question?

Who is Data Scientist?

A  Data Scientist is a professional who is responsible for collecting, interpreting and analyzing a large amount of data. This usually helps in improving the business operations. The role of data scientist is usually beyond the statistical analysis. This includes the machine learning, predictive modeling etc.  This data scientist usually collect the data in several forms of the structured, semi-structured and unstructured form of data. In order to get the insights as per end user requirements, they usually use any programming languages like R- language (or) python (or) some other.Why does data scientist prefer R- language

Today according to the recent statistics r- language is used by  40 %, python by 30 % and other technologies  30 %. So from the recent reports, we can get that R- language is used by most of the people. So its good to   Know Why does data scientist prefer R- language. Now let me explain you

What is  R – language?

R-language is one of the programming languages. It is a language for programming and software environment for analysis, graphical representation and reporting. This language is major intended to provide the pictorial analysis of the business.  The advantage of this pictorial analysis is that the result that they achieved till that day is very clear. This representation helps in knowing the past business and also help in taking the better decision for the business.  This powerful R – language is used by the data scientist to get the best insights of the business. This powerful R –language provides the all the features of other programming languages like Loops, Control Statements etc.

There are several reasons to say that R-language is used as a programming language by a data scientist. Let us discuss some of them.

Used by most of the scientist :

Today many scholars from Big universities usually prefer  R –languages as for analyzing the data. The end user experience of this language is high. It makes the end user work free and makes the makes the work simple and faster.

Data Wrangling :

Wrangling is the process of cleaning the data. To illustrate this is very important in getting the real and unique data over the database.  This R language provides a rich variety of tools for data wrangling and cleaning.  This makes the more to users to attract  R –programming language.

Data Visualization :

Visualization plays a major role in attracting the users. The visual rich tool would be more attracted to the users.  This visualization needs to provide the best visual impact on all type of queries given by the end user. This R language provides a rich variety of Data visualization platforms.  The R packages like gedit and ggplot package help in making the visualization rich.

Specificity :

The interface of R –programming languages is good. It makes the interface more clear w.r.t to the user. This programming language specifically designed for giving the better statistical analysis of the business. The UI is designed in such a way like, it helps the extracting the data in various forms like very minute extraction too ( more iterations)

Along with the above mentioned, there are many more advantages in choosing R –programming in data science.

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Recommended audience :

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Prerequisites :

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