Why Every Business Requires Tableau Visual Insights

Tableau is a Business Intelligence Software which is used for Data Visualization, you can Develop Your own Business Insights by just Visualizing the stats, that you already have with you or create your data develop Visual Insights For that also. Now before Going into the short notes,  for more Info on it Go with Tableau.

Now let’s understand it in Detail.

What is Tableau?

It is an Interactive Data Visualization tool, by this you can create Interactive and Apt Visualization from Dashboards, worksheets. To get Business Insights for the Growth of Your Company. For using tableau there is no Requirement of technical background. As a result Non-technical users can also use it. Get in touch with OnlineITGuru for mastering the Tableau Online Training.

Now you will see the architecture of Tableau Server

Architecture of Tableau Server/Tableau Online Training/OnlineITGuru

The Working Process of Tableau Server components

In that first one is Application Server(wgserver.exe). Its working Formula holds browsing permissions for tableau Server web and Mobile Interfaces. To illustrate If a user wants to open a view in a Client Device that user starts a Session on Tableau Server. Then the server thread begins and verifies the permissions for that user and that view.

And the second component is VizQL Server when a View is released, the client sends the Request call to vizQl Process (vizqlserver.exe). Then it sends Queries Directly to Data Source. Showing a result that is in the Form of Images and presented to user. Every ViZQL Server has its own cache that can shared by so many users.

Now you can get some overview about Tableau Server, and the third Component is Data Server. It Allows you to get Central Control and Store Tableau Data Sources. It manages Metadata From Tableau Desktop processes like Definitions, and Groups. The Data Source Can seen in the form of two ways.

  • A Tableau Data Engine’s Extracts.
  • A live Connection between relational Database but the Cubes is not Supported.

Backgrounder: The Task of Backgrounder is to refresh Scheduled Extracts and manages other background tasks.

Learn more about Tableau in this comprehensive Tableau Tutorial now.

Load Ba-lancer: One of the Best tableau Server, operates trails requests to other Components. The First request that primarily Comes from Client Will Strike the Gateway Server. They routed to appropriate Procedure Functionalities. If Multiple Procedures are Configured to any Component. Afterwards it operates as a Load Ba-lancer and shares all the requests to procedures. In one server Configuration, each procedure sits on Gateway. However When it is working in a Distributed Atmosphere one machine is assigned to the Primary  Server. Tableau server always uses only Single Machine, as the Primary Server.

Now you see Clients of the Tableau Server. Some of them known as Web Browsers and Mobile Apps. In the same fashion it offers Dashboards Which are Interactive towards Clients using No-Footprint Html, and JavaScript in Web browsers. There is no need of plugins.

Tableau Server Supports the Following:

Generally Web Browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

I pad apps and Android apps that provide touch operating  Content Browsing and Viewing.

Furthermore Android browser, automatically touches optimized views generated in it.

Now, Guys, you have some overview about Tableau server. Most Important now I will give brief Explanation About Tableau Desktop.

 What is Tableau Desktop?

Especially Extraordinary authoring Environment used for generation of the public Sights,reports, and Dashboards for tableau server. Simultaneously by using this report the author can connect with multiple data Sources and in other words he can get Relationships. Modify Meta Data and Create dashboards for issuing a Complete Workbook.

Tableau Environment For Business:

There are Several Methods to open and Close Tableau from your computer.

By Double-Clicking the Tableau Icon on your Desktop, then after that Select Start> All Programs > Tableau

Double-Click a Bookmark File. Therefore these Files Primarily Stored in My Tableau Repository folder of your My Documents Folder.

Closing Tableau:

Finally By Completing Work on Tableau then you should save your Complete    task and Close the application.

For Closing All the application in single step:

For example Click Close Icon located in the right Corner of the Application title bar. After the select  File>  Exit. For Instance If the workbook has not saved. Simultaneously you will asked whether you want to save it or not.

Advantages of Tableau:

  1. It shows Beautiful Dashboards and Graphical Analysis.

2. Very Easy to Integrate.

3. It Shows you Visually Appealing Reports.

4. It creates Visualizations For huge Data.

5. It is very fast in processing.

Recommended Audience:

1) Developers.

2) Project Managers.

3) Analytical Professionals.

4) ETL Professionals.

5) People who Interested in Maintaining the Data.


It is good to Have Knowledge on Data Bases. But it Not Mandatory and there is no necessity for the Knowledge of Programming Language.

For more Updates on Tableau Environment Go with  Tableau Interview Questions.

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