Why is Data Security Important
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Nowadays a lot of information is there but, we should do one thing to protect your data. Why is data Security important?  More data exists online and the quantity is only expected to keep growing. It’s very important to protect data and protect your customers, by using Salesforce platform staying and securely know about data security.  Salesforce. com is a cloud computing and social enterprise software-as-a-service(SaaS).

It was founded in March 1999. Salesforce is a leader in cloud computing, it offers the applications for all features of your business, including sales, CRM(Customer Relationship Management), customer service, business analytics, making automation, mobile application and much more. Depending on the type of business this can mean a different kind of relationship. As a result, Salesforce has been targeting larger and larger companies. This blog explains the Why is Data Security Important? If you like this blog share and comment. For more updates on Salesforce click on the below link.

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How can you Define data?

Let’s explain how can you define data?  I define a data in an unconventional way. For example, take any novel is not a data as such. The text is entered as a memo in a field in a database, it becomes data. Take another example to define data a picture of a hummingbird flying in the sky is not data as such. The picture is entered as an object in a field in a database, it becomes data.

Coming to the subject Data is a recorded fact. Personal data can be a home address, birthday, phone number. Data is not only a personal information that can found in the online-it is a customer information stored in the company database. Companies follow EU’s General Data Protection Regulation this is the most important step, by this step data can expose in the first place. Let’s talk about more specifically how to keep Salesforce data more secure. Why is Data Security Important? take an attention to know data security in Salesforce.

Why is Data Security Important?

Choosing the dataset group of users or each user can see the key decision that influences the security of Salesforce app or Org. It’s important to the limit the data after completion of designed and implementation, give some access rights to the users they access only what is necessary they need to do it. This concept is known as the principle of least privilege.

Let us assume you are building a recruiting app to help the organization to manage candidates, job applications, open position. And you have to store secret data( this data can visible only some members) such as salary amounts, social security numbers, and applicant reviews these data should see only some members. By doing like this you will fix the data without making harder to the hiring managers, recruiters, and interviewers, while some users need only edit option to a particular field.

By using Salesforce platform’s layered sharing model, it is very easy to assign different data sets to different sets of users, and it is flexible. Salesforce can reduce the risk of misused data. This platform gives the information regarding which user can create, view, delete, or edit any record in this app.

Admins can control the organization which users have to access which data, a specific field, a specific object. It’s important to know how these levels interact with each other. The list is given below

Organization: For your entire organization, maintain a list set password policies and login into a certain time.

Object: Limit access to specific data to groups of users at the object.

Fields: Restrict access to the particular data, even if the user has the permission to the object. For example, you make the salary field invisible to the interviewers but that field can visible to the recruiters and managers.

Records: Allow some users to access an object, but limit which record they allowed to see. Take an example an interviewer can edit and see her reviews but not do like that of another interviewer.

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