Why is devops considered as a most important platform

In the olden days, having an IT industry in a place considered as richest city. But now we live a city where the IT companies occupy a ¼ of the city  It is not surprising to that today in some places we do have a company for every street. So that means we are living in a corporate world. So these companies adopt different technologies for their survival. Moreover, they use different programming languages to meet the client requirements. There would be some cases where the project never ends. So this never ending project clients go on adding the features. Why is devops considered as a most important platform? Read the complete article to know the answer to know the answer.

So these developers need to add features to the projects as per client requirement. One example of this never-ending project is OnlineITGuru. Moreover, some platform does not allow the adding of the new features. So in this cases, we need a platform which can add the features which can add features to the existing environment. Devops provides the solution to this problem. Today we have many platforms that would solve this problem. Among these many,

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Why is devops considered as a most important platform?

As explained above, we live in a world, where do we have an end to a project. So these big projects cannot handled by the single person (or) a single team. Moreover, the technologies that we use is a not a small one. So all these technologies cannot be able to read by the single person alone. So each person in the company would be expertise in one field. Therefore in order to fulfill, the client requirement. we need to take the help of all the employees in the company and integrate it in order to fulfill the task. So in this scenario, we use devops to say why devops considered as a most important platform.

Before going to know why devops considered as a most important platform. Let me explain to you what does DevOps mean? To say exactly what does devops actually mean?  There we do not have no actual meaning, this platform can explained in multiple ways. So  now i will explain you some ways regarding what is devops

 Basically, devops is a combination of two words,  Dev + Ops, it means that effective and combined with two departments like development and operations.Why is devops considered as a most important platform

And this development team goes on writing the code. whereas this operation team operates (integrates ) this code in order to run the project as per client requirement. Moreover, this described as an operational philosophy that promotes the better communication between operations team and development as the most of the operations were programmable. It describes the organizational IT that creates and maintains the infrastructure.

 And today IT people do not interested to participate much time in the doing the repetitive task. Moreover, these IT guys very much interested in knowing the new things and were goes on trying the new task. So these people were trying to automate the things which need to done repetitively.  Moreover, devops provide the automation of the task. So, this one the best reason, why devops considered as a  most important platform.

Integration :

Integration is one of the major concepts in choosing devops. We need tools to integrate for the purpose of testing, deployment, and building together in a continuous form.

Adaption of new methods :

In this IT world, as soon as the requirement of the client changes, the technology that the developer uses also changes. So these developers adopt new methods for the purpose of the satisfying the clients.

Along with this feature, there many hidden features to say Why devops considered as a most important.

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