Why MSBI is better than Bi
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Microsoft Business Intelligence is a system of tools.  It gives solutions to various problems in data mining. With the use of visual studio & SQL, great decisions are taken on data mining. Microsoft Bi has mainly three tools. They are SSIS, SSAS & SSRS . Each of the tools has its own advantage. SSIS is an integration tool. SSAS is an analysis tool. And SSRS is Reporting tool. This BI tool overcomes all IT issues and costs. Here we discuss on Why MSBI is better than BI. We also discuss on msbi benefits. You can also get more on MSBI in MSBI online training.  

Why MSBI is better than Bi?

Exploration of data  

In this digital world, to visualize data is a great skill. Getting correct visualizations is very important. MSBI tools are awesome in data visualizations. MSBI uses pie charts for the business intelligence process.  The pie chart is round chart & divides into a number of slices. The slice represents numbers & quantities. The slice also looks like a pie. One of the main uses of MSBI is use of the 3D chart. So you can show things in more number of dimensions. We can also highlight things in our business report. For highlighting the data we use spark-lines. Sparklines are simple but they are very intensive. we highlight both the bottom & top points. So it becomes easy to find the start & end part of the report.  We can also use trellis charts. It is mainly for comparison of data trends. It can be set within a time limit.

In addition to this, Msbi also uses Scatter plot & Power view. Scatter view is for data visualization operations. Similarly, Power view is for visualization at a certain time. And also for erase, shape, size and color modifications. MSBI make use of maps for getting the geospatial context. This uses for a report of the data analysis. Why MSBI is better than BI

Managed Self-service BI Tool

Microsoft offers a self-service business intelligence tool. Its advantage is all the employees can operate it easily. No matter of degree in statistics or related to bi. It is a self-service tool. And it is very easy to use. Bi also can produce new insights through front-line employees.

Full use of MS- Excel Features

MSBI use excels to report data analysis. Using excel it is easy to collect data. We can also generate dashboards & reports. Msbi also uses SQL server tables. We can use power query to refine the data. There it uses flash fill for formatting of columns. It is also possible to design the data model. There you can put two or three tables together. In this way, we can filter and arrange the data. We can also create reports using charts & tables. You can also learn more in Msbi tutorial.

Scorecards & Dashboards

MSBI provides scorecards and Quality dashboards. It provides access to information. We can also perform performance monitoring.  The advantage is a single browser-based experience. Bringing the data from various Systems to one browser. The dashboard provides entrance to various data. You can get more in MSBI online training. Along with these, MSBI also supports web services. Here you can benefit your client. It is by getting better value-to-cost production. MSBI use various tools for various solutions. Some of the solutions are as follows. Data warehouse, transaction Processing & data mart. Why MSBI is better than BI

Data Warehouse applications

Dataware housing involves in extracting various information. It has three data sources. SSIS helps to get data from different sources. SSIS is MSBI tool.  It does ETL process. ETL has three sub-processes. They are extract, transform & load of data. In the extraction process data from the source is extracted. In the transform process data is transformed. The transformed data loads into the destination database.

Conclusion:  So in this way, Advantages of MSBI is more. So we can conclude that MSBI is better than Bi.   

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