Why upgrade your application to ruby on rails 5.2
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Ruby On Rails is a server-side web application framework. It is written in Ruby language. And  Rail is a  Model View- Controller framework. It provides default structure for database, web page and web service. The Author of Ruby on Rails is David Heinemeier Hanson. The current rails version is 5.2.1.It is released on  August 7, 2018. In this post, we discuss on Why upgrade your application to ruby on rails 5.2. For more updates on Ruby On Rails follow Learn Ruby on Rails

Why upgrade your application to ruby on rails 5.2

Why Upgrade Your Application to Ruby on Rails 5.2?

Advantages and Features

Ruby on Rails is very large and passionate open-source platform. Release of 5.2 makes improved file storage. It also made better Redis caching and Built-in security policies. Ruby on Rails 5.2 simplifies secrets encryption. The New storage was extracted from Base-camp’s file uploading. It is a replacement of Traditional Rail file storage gems. Now It is possible to implement File uploading easily. File uploading can be done without installing additional germs.

Supports  Multiple Cloud  Platforms

Ruby on Rails supports  Amazon s3, Google cloud storage and Microsoft Azure Cloud etc. Thus file storage is easier. It has features like direct upload to cloud and mirroring. This has made file uploading simpler in ROR. 

Mirroring  in Ruby on Rails

By mirroring You can keep multiple services in sync. When a file uploaded or deleted we use mirroring.

Mirrored services use for migration between services in production. we use mirroring to the new service or existing services. You can follow ruby on rails online training  for clear understanding  about mirroring concept.


Redis is an open-source memory data structure project. It has optional durability. Redis supports a different kind of data structures. The new built-in Redis cache supports distributed  Redis. This will make easier to use Redis. This is an additional feature in Ruby on Rails.

Content Security Policies

Ruby 5.2 version has CSP built on rails. CSP stands for Content Security Policy. It is an HTTP response restricts the browser to load. It restricts assets like scripts, styles, and wide sources. Now we can configure CSP directly on Ruby On Rails application. Why upgrade your application to ruby on rails 5.2, This will Make ROR  applications more secure by default.

ROR  Provides Quality and promotes bug-free Environment

The Mini test tool built in ROR  is the test suite. It provides useful features like expectation syntax, test bench marking and mocking. You can also get more about this in  Ruby On Rail Online Training.

 Ruby on Rails Cost-effective

ROR  is an open source framework and distributed under MIT License. So that you don’t have to spend money on framework. Another  Great thing is GEMS  led to adding additional features. So it can save developers time and effort. You can find Gems in GitHub. So You can download it and use at any time freely. Why upgrade your application to ruby on rails 5.2

ROR  5.2 is Time-Efficient

Ruby on rails 5.2  has many additional plugins and modules. So developers use the plugin and save the time. ROR build applications 30-40% faster than other programming languages.

Ruby  is  Easy-To-Read

In addition to writing code, Developer spends a  time on reading a code. They Read their own code and Third party code too. Ruby is a very readable coding language. Ruby uses very few characters, fewer symbols, and more explicit syntax. Why upgrade your application to ruby on rails 5.2, This makes developers easy-to-read. So they can Rapidly speed-up a new project easily. Its speeds up overall development process.  

Ruby On Rail  Is more Consistent

Developers find a good amount of file storage. a project can be in a structured and readable manner. So it will be greatly advantageous.


From all these benefits of Ruby on Rails 5.2, .you can upgrade your web application to latest version. You  can also learn ruby on rails  at OnlineITGuru and Get Ruby Certification.


It is good to have basics knowledge of HTML, CSS, JAVA script. And basics of database systems and website programming concepts. If you have no idea also no problem OnlineITGuru will help you in IT Certifications. They guide you to learn each and every concept in step-by-step manner.  

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