why we have to choose Dot Net
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Going into our Blog, firstly we will know, about Dot NET. it is a software Frame work of Microsoft Company. It is mainly runs on Windows Operating System. And it is used by so many software Developers. To Develop so many Trendy new Applications. it is mainly Used for windows Platform.This Explains some Part About that why we have to choose Dot NET.why we have to choose Dot Net

Dot NET is a Web Application Frame work. It is also a open source and Developed in the starting of Dot NET. With This Applications the Developers can Develop. Applications and Web pages and gives some support in developing web Services. Identically in the same fashion. we have came to know that why we have to choose Dot Net online course Hyderabad.

Dot NET has a Framework Class library. so that the Developers can use this to Incorporate Web applications. Which Developed by them.. and equally we can know why we have to choose Dot NET.

Coming to the point in the first place, We have Dot NET,for Developing Web Applications. And Dot NET has Some Concepts. That why we have to choose it. additionally why we have to choose Dot NET.

1)Secure and Trusted :-

Dot NET will give you fast Security benefits by its Run-time. A Group of services that Defeat. Some of the Unsolvable Issues like. Bad pointer corrupted attempts to notify the Compiled Code. Microsoft rectify threats very Fastly and it give updates very fastly. In addition this Explains why we have to choose Dot NET

2) Dot NET Performance Calculation :-

Dot NET is very Fast. it shows that the applications also run fast and it need less time to compute. Tech Empower Bench mark, which differentiates, web application frameworks. with the Works like JSON serialization,database access.By the same token why we have to choose Dot NET.

3) Dot NET Large Eco system :-

We can see the Large Eco system by Including libraries files from Nu Get Package Manager. Dot NET Extensive Partner Network and Visual Studio.

4) Open Source :-

The Dot NET platform is an Non Dependent and friendly opensource . Dot Net is been Used by 1700 companies and 25000 Developers where Dot NET is a Very Big Open source.

In the starting to the Dot NET community and Microsoft Members and the Companies. Like Samsung, Red hat, jet brains,google are helping to the Dot NET platform.

Dot NET customers and clients :-

Go Daddy :-

More fastly the services Developed. which perform more in Production and measure good. if they written using C# and Dot NET core.

Stack overflow :-

Stack overflow saved months of their Development time in their work Process.

Any Platform and Any app :-

By using Dot NET we can aim any Application. That Application would running in any type of Platform. Programmers can again use code and skills across all of them in a recognized way. for some similar apps in iOS and Android and windows. And to some server applications running on Dot NET, Linux, high scale micro services. which are operating in the cloud. Comparatively Dot NET provides a solution For you. That is why as a matter of fact why we have to choose Dot Net online course Bangalore.

Production Of Dot NET ;-

Additionally Dot NET will give you. An option to Develop High end Apps. As a mater of Fact Advanced language Builds like language Integrated Query (LINQ). And Generics. similarly Asynchronous Programming have an option to make Developers more Productive.

Mixing with Extensive session libraries, powerful tooling,multi-language support,common APIs,class libraries. All this are Given by visual Studio family. And comparatively Dot NET is the most useful platform for Developers.

similarly we will see what are the tools used in Dot NET :-

1)visual Studio

2) Visual Studio Code

3) Visual Studio For Mac.

4)Omni sharp

5)Jet Brains Raider

6) Dot NET Core CLI

Correspondingly we have what are types of Apps Used in Dot NET ;-

1) Web

2) Mobile

3) Desktop

4) Gaming

5) Machine learning


Recommended Audience :

Software developers

System Admins

Project  Managers

Team Leaders

Prerequisites :

Common learning of anybody programming dialects like C, C++, Java, HTML. JavaScript will be profited yet not required. Anyone organized like Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. We will give a central and essentials had are required.

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