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Today building a website becomes an easy task with the availability of various tools and software. Even a student can make a good website using his great skills with the available tools. Among these tools and software, the .Net framework is now an emerging one. .Net is an open-source software development platform that helps to build different types of applications. Using .Net we can build a wide range of applications for web, mobile, desktop, and so on. ASP (Active Server Pages) is an extension of .Net which is also an open-source web framework like .Net. ASP.Net is a popular web development tool that helps developers to create dynamic web pages.

With .Net we can use different languages, libraries, editors, etc. to build a variety of applications. Furthermore, .Net framework can work with multiple programming languages such as C#, C++, VB.Net Shop, etc. ASP.NET also supports cross-platform programming languages and so on.

Why should I use ASP.Net?

There are many reasons to use this framework while developing a new website. This is built for Windows server environment. It requires very small setup and configuration than other platforms. It is much faster, reliable and low in cost framework. In addition to this, it supports different languages. 

Websites built with this technology are highly efficient in functioning than others. Moreover, it needs a small compilation where the code translation is done. It takes a little moment but done once only. This code is more fastly executed further over by .Net platform. 

Building a website using high-end Software is not that easy nowadays. As to buy these software (IDE) is an expensive thing. But these days most of the codes are written using free open-source tools. Using a simple text editor, ASP.Net code can be written easily. There are some free programming text editors and Microsoft’s Visual Studio helps much in this regard. 

In addition to the IDE, a website requires web application server software along with a hosting server. Mostly .Net applications use Microsoft IIS server. This server is suitable for all versions of Windows. But nowadays ASP.Net is using Mac and Linux OS for hosting purposes. 

This framework is written with the help of OOP languages such as C#, VB.Net, etc. These frameworks help in the code organization and reuse them easily. Furthermore, we can say that this is a great platform for website and web application development. 

ASP.Net website examples:

There are many websites built up using ASP.Net. Here are a few examples of this frameworks website. Such as; Dell, GoDaddy, Visual Studio, Wild Tangent, StackOverflow, etc. These use ASP.Net MVC (Model View Controller) features to build up. This is an alternative for ASP.NET. Moreover, there are Marketwatch, TacoBell, Ancestry websites that were built using this technology. All these websites use the latest technology updates that change from time to time. 

These websites make developers think of the potential of ASP.Net to build the latest websites. These websites receive millions of hits month on month. Using ASP.Net and some advance features a developer can do wonders. Building a dynamic website becomes a challenging one today. Using the latest tools and technology building a high-end website with all the information is easier with it. Furthermore, it is a very reliable platform to build a new website. It is more familiar with the languages that help to build these features. 

To know more about ASP.Net framework one can opt for ASP .Net Online Course that helps to get deeper into this study. 
ASP.Net webforms:

ASP.Net web forms are a framework built on this technology. It executes on the server and produces results as output to the browser. These web forms can be written using any programming language. These are compatible with any browser. These are very flexible to use. We can use an IDE called Visual Studio to build these web forms. These allow us to drag and drop the web forms easily within a short period. 

There are various controls that this platform provides such as Server Controls and HTML controls for the web forms. The server control includes Label, Button, Text box, list box, hyperlink, image button, panel, check box, data list, etc.  The HTML controls include Text field, text area, Buttons (Reset, submit), checkbox, image, table, drop-down, etc.

Features of ASP.Net web forms:

ASP.Net web forms have many features. These consist of server controls, security, routing, state management, client framework, client script, master pages, etc. These features support the framework very well. Moreover, error handling and providing security are also coming under the various features of ASP.Net. 

Furthermore, these features provide high performance in scaling the website. Using these features, a website or an application can perform well. Every feature of this framework has some advantages over the others. 

Features of net framework:

There are many features of the .net framework. These include interoperability, portability, high performance, common language runtime, memory management, and so on. The above features of .net framework are most reliable and help it to perform well.  This framework is useful to create web applications and websites dynamically. It supports different programming languages. It provides security to web applications along with good memory skills. website ideas:

There are so many websites available today. Each of them has some theme that excels in its content. During the period many latest website ideas have emerged. Using the latest techniques, many good websites can be built. The latest websites that uses the framework are; Railway Reservation System, Online Exam System, Event Management, HRMS, E-commerce websites, etc.

Furthermore, there are online newspaper delivery management, online charity management, online movie ticket booking, online gaming, etc. These are the latest website or web application examples built on using this technology.

ASP.Net sample programs with source code:

Many programs use ASP.Net source code. These are the best programs having the source code used for many websites or web applications. These are; cab management system, ATM banking system, cargo management system, civil registration system, client-server communication system, CRM, CMS, employee leave management system, etc. Furthermore, there are hospital management systems, life insurance management systems, infrastructure management systems, etc. 

In addition to this, there are online shopping, online IT services, mobile recharge, job portals, and many more. All these projects are based on this technology. 

This framework helps to build many valuable websites and web applications that perform various activities. These websites are dynamic with all the latest features. Using the .Net framework for building dynamic websites is an easy task for the current developers. 

Finally, we can say that ASP.Net suits the best for a new website. As the trends in technology get an update with the latest changes, the framework of building websites and applications also changes. It provides the latest features to build websites and web applications more dynamically. It offers free to use open-source products and tools that are useful to build any website easily. Today most developers use this technology to build high-end websites and web forms. These help the world in communicating with each other more easily. 

To gain more knowledge and skill in this platform one can opt for ASP .Net Online Training from various online platforms. It helps in enhancing skills along with career development in this field.

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