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Software Configuration Management

Software Management Guides companies to handle the changes. In the form of Entities, codes, files in between Software Development Life cycle. It is known as SCM process. The main aim is to manage the work and cost that involve in designing the software system. The main goal is to increase the production and Decrease the mistakes. In our blog SCM tools, you will notice the best SCM tools.

Now we will see what are the top most SCM tools

Software Configuration Management Tools List


It is free and web based code communication tool. Developers can review every modification on their source code with web browser. It approve and reject messages. Generally, It Integrates closely with Git with distributed version control with SCM system.

Team Foundation Server

TFS is a Source control, which is using from decade. It is present from 2005. For TFS Microsoft has designed a ALM apparatus. This is a light weight tool, it handles requirements, but it lacks behind robustness and flexibility. However, It do not offer visibility into testing steps. And not show any difference between failed tests and bugs. Especially You can learn TFS with IT courses.


Kallithea is as fast as powerful management tool for Git and mercurial. It have In built push/pull server, total text search and code review. It works with HTTPS and http, has permissions systems with the capacity to authenticate. Similarly Kallithea offer Simple API, so it is very easy and simple for integrating with external systems. In upcoming years it works with ERP.

Helix Core Version Control:

Helix Core (P4D) is like a version control software for Updating development. Helix-core securely uses the code with digital assets. Every time it has binary files in one Repository. For instance It measures big teams that handle daily transactions and offer files quickly to abroad users. As a matter of fact, It integrates with complete apparatus, for your developers and designers using them for production.

Git Lab

Git Lab, is web based Devops apparatus , that offer Git repository manager offer features. Like pipeline, issue tracking, CI/CD. It is a open source device, that developed by Gitlab Inc. Not to mention this software was designed by Dmitriy Zaporozhets and valery sizov. Consequently, It implemented in many large-scale companies. That include NASA, Alibaba, O’Reilly media and many more.

Bitbucket Server

It is also a web-based Version control repository hosting service that owned by the company Atlassian. For Development projects, source code and revised control systems. As a matter of fact, It offer free accounts and commercial plans with private repositories. It Integrates with Bamboo, confluence, Hip chat, Jira and supply chain management.


It is also a SCM software with version control system, subversion handles directories and files modification made to them over time. This accept you for recovering the older versions of your data. As a matter of fact, Examining the history how your information has been modified. Developers assume it as time machine.


It is a free tool, used for distributing source control management tool. Manages any size and provides best user Interface. It handles the projects of any size. Each clone has total project history. So many actions are local and convenient. It support many workflows. You can simply enhance its functions. in the same fashion, It comes configuration management apparatus.


Git is a open source and free distributed version control tool. Which used for managing large and small projects. With very high speed and efficiency. It designed by Linus Torvalds in the year 2005 for developing Linux Kernal.

Central Version System.

Distributed Version System.

Centralized VCS

Generally, It uses total controlled system. CVCS uses, a central server for storing all files. It enables total team collaboration. To enumerate, It works with one Repository for which it uses direct access to central server. You can Git with IT learning.


Finally, GitHub is a Git Repository hosting Service and it maintained by its own features. Since Git is Command line Tool. In other words, GitHub offers a web Depended geographical Interface. In detail, It offers many collaborative features and manages it. As a result, it is Just like fundamental task handling tools for every project.

Even though it is a Public open source. The GitHub every time sells private repositories for enterprises. Especially this solutions take total advantage over GitHub network, they can take advantage of the collaborative features. Furthermore It offers a centralized place for developers. Therefore more projects on GitHub, the more the users. In future, we get many ERP tools.

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