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Post By AdminLast Updated At 2020-06-11
Top Node JS Tools for 2020

We have Many Node Js tools, but below are the best Node Js tools that we use in 2020, for making the best web applications. These tools are used by many Node js Developers and other programmers.

Node JS Tools

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It is a JavaScript framework that guided by Node.js, that which guides modularity. With this, we can integrate with some other javascript libraries, used as handy. It also lets you to code and check-in both web browsers and console dashboard environments.

With this Tool, behavioural development and integration testing will become simpler and easier for the coders. It is a must used and implemented tool for developing and testing.


It’s a full-stack Java script solution for designing web applications. It has MongoDB, Angular.js, and node.js. This explains, that you can code web applications, on both server and client service side.


It is used for compiling ECMA script 6 to ECMA Script 5, we can use babel, like a Javascript compiler. We can associate it with some tools like tool Viz. web-pack. It is a simple web front end development tool.  That offers support for Javascript's latest version.


It is outlined like a framework, that supports Node.js. It is the only potential for scripting cross environments, code combinedly with some android, iOS and web applications. This tool has the right to decrease the length of the code.


It is a complete platform that offers node and react apps, it was made by Walmart labs, which applies this type of tool, had been tested with so much data. It is not a group for best practices, fashionable technologies, and design.

Top Node JS Tools for 2020 | OnlineITGuru

PM2 is one of the best-known developer tool, that works as a process manager, for designing node.js apps. It is more guided by the developer community and It contains some options like production. PM2 checks your app when it is operating properly or it reloads if it crashes.

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With this Java script module, application development is simplified and made easy. It manipulates some of the front-end tools like HTML, CSS, and Images. We implement node.js because it designs bundling and serves assets in so quick and simple way.


Socket.io is a simple Javascript library for upgrading real-time web applications. Socket.io is a framework, that initiates bi-directional communication in all real time-based events. It is a platform free and device-independent. This framework is one of the best and useful things for Instant Analytics, like charts, logs, counters, and many others.


It is a powerful internet application framework, for node.js, that offers the best set of options for app development. It is a mix of express and node.js, it permits, you to design all website data. With node.js we can design the server-side part of the app and express.js for publishing the app.


When it comes to the testing work in node.js, we take a name known as sinon.js. It is due to the testing environment. It works exactly with well-known web browsers and works on many servers.


It is a node.js tool for development and supports the ES6 module. It guides a constant time in designing and compacting build definitions. The build specification lies in brocfile.js, that is inside project root, broccoli is a command-line Interface.


It is a popular web framework, that designed on using node.js. And offers a robust file for all web applications and many APIs. In the same way, It is an Independent middleware and uses a readymade plugin, which supports routing.

14: Keystone.js:

Generally, It is an open-source web framework, for developers, and they can use it to design websites, web apps and APIs on Node.js. Similarly, they can communicate with MongoDB when they are configuring the “express Internet Server”.


When it comes to testing stuff, the work related to node.js, we consider a name chai. This works with any testing environment, with a default assertion of node.js. chai integrates simple way with node.js. Especially, It works perfectly with certain approximations.

It mainly works on a server, you can import the required libraries of chai in your code. You can use this in an easy way. In your node.js script. The chai has default plugins that used in your code for direct use.

These are the best Node JS Tools, that we can see in 2020, in upcoming blogs we will update more Data on this Topic.