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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is Ethereum?

People's life was changing from time to time. In the olden days, all the members of the family will be staying in a single place. But today's days changed to such an extent each member of the family will be staying at different places. Today money plays a major factor to lead successful people. Even the members of the family in faraway places. people use to exchange money online. They predict this is smart and the fast-medium to transfer the money. And this transaction must be done in a secure manner. Moreover, they also various money to store (or) transfer the money. But among the various methods, Cryptocurrency is the smart and the better way to store as well the transfer money. And this cryptocurrency is divided into various types. One such type is Ethereum

Till today many people were aware of cryptocurrencies like BitCoin. But other than this there are some other cryptocurrencies. For instance, Ethereum. In the recent articles of this blog, I have explained the various concepts of Blockchain.  Hence today in this article, I'm going to explain to you about Ethereum. So before going to know in-depth in Ethereum, let us initially know

What is Ethereum?

It is the new era of the Internet. Basically, Ethereum is an open-source platform that uses blockchain technology. It is responsible to create and run the decentralized applications. Here the developers do write code that controls the money and build applications that are accessible across the world. It enables users to make agreements and conduct transactions directly with each other. Moreover, this Ethereum is responsible to buy, sell as well as trade goods and services without the middle man. For instance, users can bypass the banks to transfer the money. Besides, users can also skip contacting the lawyer to draw up the sales contract. Besides, the users can also launch their fundraising site to project crowd sales rather than growing through the crowdfunding internet site.

And this Ethereum is capable of operating via a global network. Here all the computers work together as a supercomputer.  Here the network assembles and runs the small applications that are independent of third-party interference.  Moreover, Smart contracts run exactly as they programmed. Hence this greatly reduces the fraud risk. And this includes various machines like vending machines. This machine carries the contract terms digitally. Hence, once the conditions were met, the merchandiser is conveyed and made accessible to the buyer.

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How Ethereum differ from others?

Hence the major difference between the internet and Ethereum is that all the agreement and all the data pertaining to your transaction are stored in an individual blockchain ledger. Besides this storage is unlike google as well as the Facebook servers. Hence through this, the user can be in control of their own data. Since you were capable of managing your own data, there is no problem with the spy as well as data steal. This has the native cryptocurrency called Ether.

Running computers, that execute code to power dapps is costly. Moreover, it consumes a lot of power called Ether.

What Is Ether?

Ether is a cryptocurrency in order to support programmers to run the ethereum protocols on their computers.  And those programmers were compensated in a virtual ether coin to contribute resources as well as maintaining quality applications.  Hence through Ether, the network remains healthy.  Like Bitcoin miners, developers also use ethers to pay to build and launch the smart contract on the Ethereum platform.  Besides, they are awarded 3 ether for the new block they add to the ledger. Hence this Ethers suits best for the users who want to access the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently the ether values for $142.23. And in some days, it would be as high as $142 from the past year as per the statistics of

How to buy Ether?

These Ethers were available to users in different locations across the globe. Hence you must find an online person/an offline person who requires the trade/ the service. Moreover, in major cities like New York, there will be always a person meeting a person to buy /sell the ether. Besides, there will be some meets up in major cities. In less populated areas, exchanges take place using the signup process. But Buying ether with another currency might be an additional step. Hence once you have the ether, you can send it directly to another person. This typically costs a little transaction fee for miners.

How to use Ethereum?

There are various ways to use Ethereum. Some of them were discussed below:

1)Etherum Wallets:

In order to use these wallets, you need a place to store either the public as well as the private keys.  But one major concern in using this wallet is to remember the key. And this is more important than a forgetting password. This is because, once you lost the password, you cannot get it back. So you must be very very very cautious in using this wallet.

ethereum wallets | OnlineITGuru Also, these wallets are further divided into other types. They are as follows:

a)Desktop Wallets:

These wallets run on your PC (or) on your laptop. So the best option is to download the Ethereum client. But there are only a few ethereum clients written in different programming languages and with different performance tradeoffs. Moreover, this process will take up a couple of days.  And this wallet increase as the Ethereum grows. Moreover, this waller needs to stay in sync with the latest transactions.

b)mobile Wallets:

These clients require fewer data to be downloaded connect to the internet and make the transactions. Hence these wallets were more suitable to download to the smartphone. Hence in this wallet, the light option is more convenient but not safe all the time. Besides, these clients offer a more secure way of storing the transactions. Since these wallets do not require trust miners (or) nodes to send accurate information. They are more secure. Moreover, they validate the data themselves. Moreover, storing private keys on devices that are detached from the internet is harder to hack. Hence it is the best wallet to hold the larger data. But this wallet is not as simple as easy to use.

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c)Hardware Wallets:

These wallets were of very tiny size. This is ideally the size of the finger. And these security devices can be often detached from the internet. Moreover, we can sign these transactions even offline. And this wallet is not suitable for frequent usage as well as on traveling.

d)paper Wallets:

This is a good option for the Ethereum wallet. This print (or) carefully hand write the private key on the paper slip called Paper wallet. And these wallets get locked somewhere like a deposit box. Usually many online tools today were capable of generating keypairs directly to the computer. Besides, people can also generate keypairs using the command line. But for this, you must have the necessary cryptographic packages for the languages that you are using.

As said above, once the private key is lost, it cannot get back. Hence I personally suggest you create multiple copies of your private key at different places. Hence one key gets lost, you can get the same key from other locations. This makes the usage of your wallet all the time.

Ethereum value

Ethereum is the digital currency of the future to get with ETH. Its native cryptocurrency is similar to the Bitcoin currency. ETH is useful in Ethereum apps as well. ETH or Ether is the lifeblood of Ethereum digital currency. It just collects a small fee for using the ether application. 

This fee is like an incentive to the “Miner” who checks the process and verifies the user activities. Miners maintain the records of the Ethereum application and approve that no one is cheating anyone. Moreover, they keep the application safe, secure, and free out of centralized control. It (ETH) gives much power to Ethereum. Thus, there is something more to learn in this regard that may give you the whole idea of using this platform. 


dApps refer to “Decentralized Applications” that are simple and do not run on a conventional main server. Instead of using Blockchain, most entities use Ethereum for decentralizing servers. These are at the core of Ethereum’s basic design. Moreover, this platform uses a special coding language- Solidity and it is useful in building dApps. The language Solidity is similar to JavaScript that supports developers in building the latest dApps.

But in near future, these dApps may get a replacement for centralized apps within the online market. Like social media, e-commerce, mobile banking, etc. Moreover, there are many advanced possibilities for developing dApps on Ethereum's Blockchain platform. It could change the phase of the cryptocurrency like bitcoin also.

From where to buy Ethereum?

There are three major sources to buy this cryptocurrency as elaborated below.

Brokerage firms are like coin exchanges, for example, CoinBase, that helps to buy and sell Ether for free. Moreover, these are simple and easy to use but somewhat expensive also. People can buy Ether from regular fiat currency like USD, EUR, etc. through bank transfer, or by using swiping cards.

A trading platform such as is useful to connect the buyers and sellers in one place as middlemen. Here, traders usually trade one cryptocurrency for other people. Like for example, they buy ether for BitCoin. 

There is a peer-to-peer platform like LocalEthereum that helps to connect different people with each other to negotiate. It is a little bit risky as you deal with some unknown person for trade. Moreover, there is no need of paying any fee as there no middlemen exist in these transactions. 

Furthermore, there is another great option to buy Ether coins, such as Simplex. This is a fintech company that helps its clients in buying and selling transactions with safe.

What is the existing situation of Ethereum?

Today, there are a number of dApps that use the Ethereum Blockchain platform in development. It also uses a fundraising facility ICO (Initial Coin Offerings). The ICO enables developers to sell the idea of the product for development and pay for them.

In this regard, Golem is a kind of dApp that allows its users to rent the idle power of their computer to others on this network. It’s like to give on rent your personal vehicle for use to others.

Similarly, it has developed a communication platform EtherTweet similar to the social media platform. As it is on the Blockchain framework, so there is no central authority for it to control.

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Moreover, there is an online casino application like Etheroll that uses Ethereum Blockchain. This is useful to play fair dice games. 

Hence, based on this information we can say that this platform is moving to use the latest technology trends further. It is developing its platform with new events and grabbing more people to use it.

Final Text

Hence on the basis of your requirement, you can opt for your Ethereum. I hope till now, you people have got enough idea regarding Ethereum. This learning can give you the confidence to use Ethereum, blockchain-like technology for your future endeavors. You can more practical Knowledge on it from OnlineITGuru live experts at Blockchain Online training.