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Oracle Real Application clusters is an option of Oracle Database. That offer high scalability and availability to Oracle Database. Without any requirement of Application changes. We don’t have other option in the market that offer each feature like Oracle RAC.

RAC contributes so much to Autonomous, that is known as the oracle autonomous Database. Every Feature like Autonomous Health Framework and features like oracle cache fusion algorithms. They are continuously operated utilizing the latest in hardware updating and Innovations. Every feature is discussed in detail and in a technical way.

Good Scalability

The Database Sizes has Grown very big, over many years and information volumes to grow at a very high pace. Where Business needs a database for storing Transactions. At the same time, they need a fast response to many analytical Queries. RAC guide with this type of Requirements. In fact, the scalability option in oracle RAC creates. It possible for starting with little footprint. The scale-out as required resulting in many savings as users. Not need any provision with a big upfront in future needs.

Good Availability

Generally, the cost of Downtime is regardless of the business of application. The application or database downtime increased from many years. These type of cost increase in a direction, which is termed to many environments. Just like many applications and databases that affected by downtime. The planning Redundancy for many different layers in the data center is very critical. For getting availability. It is very important in getting unplanned and planned failures. We have many IT certifications for rac.

Managing the Pool of Clusters

Especially Rac family answers offer an integrated combination of the tool. This guides many enterprises with a point to point life cycle management tasks. This tasks used for themselves with many clusters efficiently. The works like Performance tuning, configuration were done individually with one type of node. This is a total Error-prone and efficient. The features like oracle patching and provisioning guide to managing these work more efficiently over many deployments and we have RAC breakdown as well.

Oracle Clusterware

Generally, It is a technology that changes a server farm into a cluster. This cluster is one totally free of charge clustering solution. This can be used with RAC that one node and it even single example applications. As a matter of fact, Clusterware offers one node membership and node fencing with optimal resource placement with RAC breakdown cover.

Storage Management

However, the Storage Management is the recommended manger. This used for RAC and single instance Databases. Moreover, ASM simplifies storage management with a principle of Strip and Mirror Everything. Not to mention the Intelligent mirroring capabilities accept Administrators for defining 2 or 3 mirrors for protecting vital information. When a read operation recognizes a corrupt block on a Disk. As a result of ASM automatically changes the valid block from mirrored copy for an uncorrupted option of Disk.

Smart Recognition

Similarly, the servers that leave or join the cluster in identifying, which is essential in Synchronization Event. In particular, RAC has over many years that reduced the time that the sessions wait on this event while Identifying. Specifically, It’s smart recognition reduces the impact of total service disruption from unplanned and planned features. We have oracle RAC membership as well.

Recovery Buddy

Recovery Buddy decreases the time sessions that wait during the reconfiguration. With a prior set of releases. In addition, the RAC recovery identifies and it recovers the modifications made by failed instances. For example, the surviving examples have to wait until the modification from failed instances that read and applied.

Node weighting

As an illustration, It is a feature, which improves the algorithm used for selecting the node(s). In the past the candidate node evicted, this chosen on the node number. In 19C, this algorithm further updated. As we conclude many additional factors. This factor does not need any manual Intervention, but DBA exactly configure a service. This critically used for a specific server, which has many business needs. This optional step used for configuring a certain specific server in a cluster. The servers have exactly the same capacity in terms of memory and CPU, then the service defined as critical resulting in smart node, and we have RAC breakdown number.

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