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Ethical hacker uses, some techniques to break the system defences like a malicious hacker, and offer measures on fixing the system errors, by that they can improve the overall company security. For doing ethical hacking he has to get permission from the manager of that company.

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Ethical hacking is the best way for Data security. Companies recruit ethical hackers to guide and improve their apps, networks, and some other computer systems, to avoid data theft and other frauds.

1. What Does an Ethical Hacker do?

Generally, the main agenda of ethical hacking is to see the security of a system or network design. An ethical hacker will bypass the system security, and he recognizes weak points, that took advantage of an ethical hacker. Errors found in Improper system software and hardware.

An ethical hacker must research the document and he must discuss their ways and Security methods with IT teams and authority. This method used by companies for updating their security.

In the same way, to Reduce or for terminating any potential set of attacks. Ethical hackers offer verification and feedback as a company to fix security issues.

Ethical hacking has grown within the data security market, any business or company that offer an online service. It has a network that linked with the Internet must subject to penetration testing.

What is the Role of an Ethical Hacker | OnlineITGuru

Successful testing every time is 100% secure, it must avoid the attacks from automated attacks and unskilled hackers. The payment gateway industry Data security standard need companies to make annual penetration tests.

That particularly like a major shift, that made in their apps or design.


Ethical hackers should have unique personalities, they behave like enterprise Individuals, which explains their confidence and Enthusiasm.

If we keep Regular pen tester Duties, aside from ethical hackers join with some other trusts. The main is to check the threats, that a real hacker has done.

Scanning ports and knowing some Errors, an ethical hacker uses some port scanning tools like Nmap Nessus for scanning one own system and verify the open ports.

The Errors with every port can mastered and set fixes are taken. An ethical hacker will check some patch Installations and they make sure that they won’t exploit. He can engage with some social engineering concepts like “dumpster diving”.

The main essence of this diving is to check the trash bin passwords and charts. Some other sticky notes with some critical data, that used for producing an attack.

To avoid this attack, companies make sure, that their staff must avoid unwanted paperwork. He can also get some social engineering tricks, like shoulder surfing for getting access to critical data, or by playing the kindness card to trace staff to part with their passwords.

Generally, If an ethical hacker came to know that someone is hiding some systems like Intrusion Detection systems, and IPS Intrusion prevention systems, firewalls. Along with this, he can apply some other arts like sniffing networks, cracking wireless encryption, hijacking web servers, and web apps.

He should also analyze, how company security reacts to all security threats and the strength of security policy and design of the company. Similarly, He attacks the perimeter defences, and social engineering aspects of a company, like a real hacker.

3.White Hacking:

It is not completely a new thing, the work of ethical hacking increased by bounds and leaps, where many companies recruiting white hat hackers. In the same fashion, Every company has a bug bounty master program, that rewards who found a security threat in a company.


Ethical hackers, know about some terms known as social engineering, email spoofing, spear-phishing. So white hat hackers, in any company. Conduct an awareness program, on how all staff in that company should be alert from cyber-attacks.

5. Why Ethical hackers are needed?

Day by Day Cyber crimes are increasing, to avoid this we need many ethical hackers. At present, there are no enough ethical hackers. If you are searching for Job, with job security, ethical hacking is the best security path. As a matter of fact, in the future, every company needs an ethical hacker for tracing Errors and cyber threats.

I think I have explained the best about, the Roles of an Ethical hacker, in upcoming blogs we will update more data on this Topic.

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