Data Science Course

We live in a world, where PB’s of data will be generated for every second. And these PB’s of data will not be in a single form. These will be image, text videos etc. And these traditional database systems were incapable to handle this bulk of data. So we use the Frameworks like Hadoop which process the bulk amount of data parallel and then integrate the data. This parallel processing uses some techniques while diving the process. And these techniques some algorithms while doing the processing. While applying the algorithms we need some analysis. This data science deals with several algorithms, And you can learn this algorithm through the real-time industry experts. Moreover, you can find these industry experts at Data Science Course

Data Science Course

Data science is a combination of data inference, algorithm development, and technology to solve the logically analytical problems. This data science course is essential while testing the test sample of the population. We do have different algorithms like K-means, Clustering etc.  We can learn all these algorithms online. Moreover, online training is a good option to complete the course, when compared to the offline training. On the internet, we do find many people who provide the teaching of this Data Science. But when compared with another institute,  OnlineITGuru provides the best training through real-time live project using the real world examples. And it takes just 30 -45 days to complete this course.

OnlineITGuru explains the  following concepts of Data science Course:

Here we are going to learn more Topics about Data science online course from the beginning By OnlineITGuru experts team with the support of Live project support.

OnlineITGuru provides rich quality knowledge to the students.  And the trainers were real-time experience faculty.  OnlineITGuru trainers have a minimum of 10 years of Industry experience. Additionally, through this course, OnlineITGuru organize show you the placements in MNC (Multi-National Companies ).

Since data is increasing in an exponential manner, there is an essential need to manage this bulk of the amount of data. And today data is considered as the heart in the IT industry. So there is an essential need to store analyze this bulk amount this data.  And data Scientist is responsible to analyze this bulk of data.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a multidisciplinary blend of data interference, Algorithm Development and technology to solve the analytically complex problems. It uses machine learning and Artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze this bulk amount of data. Data Scientist can make smarter decisions using these algorithms. Data Science is considered as the future of Artificial intelligence.  The main agenda of data Science is to ultimately use this data in creative ways to generate the business value.

OnlineITGuru covers the following Concepts in Data Science Course


Programming and statistics

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Business intelligence Visualizations

Read Complete information of data science at What is Data Science?

Who can take this course?

This course runs with essential Knowledge on Mathematics, Probabilities, and Statistics. It is one of the most valuable Career paths in light of this cross-industry trend. Understudies who have knowledge Mathematics and Statistics had great opportunities. Data science affects academic and connected with numerous fields such as Software Development, Data Managing, Databases, Statistics, Machine Learning Algorithms and Data Visualization. The following Professionals can do this course:

  1. Developers
  2. Analytics Managers
  3. Business Analyst
  4. Hadoop Professionals

What Are The Prerequisites?

Little information on Mathematics,Statistics, and Aptitude is required. R language and Mahout to look over the basics required for the course. Algorithms, SQL, Coding, and Hadoop are benefited to learn quickly. The trainer will give self-guidance for requirements to the course.

Beneficiaries with Online IT Guru!

A course of Data Science with OnlineITGuru gives an insight into few of the above mentioned sciences and the respective theories adopted from them along with their connection with Big Data, Relational Data and programming.

The course includes these topics:

Probability and Statistics taught to the students with Data Science perspective. Students will be taught Relational Programming along with Data Production.

Data Science Methodologies combined with concepts of Big Data, basics of Data Science and Data Analytics Life Cycle along with required for a Data scientist constitute the phase 2 of the course.

Basic Data Analytics Method is the phase 3 of the course. In this phase, students will be taught about Data Import and Export along with their manipulations, Exploratory Data Analysis, basic relational commands and few other important topics.

Visualization with relational data and Tableau is the Phase 4 of the course. The basic introduction to Tableau along with importing Data and manipulating it is taught. The concept of Data Visualization is also covered in this phase.

Phase 5 constitutes Advanced Data Analytics combined with Machine Learning Concepts like Clustering, Regression and Classification are taught with respect to Data Analytics concepts.

6th phase of the Course encompasses few case studies for the students to learn all the above mentioned concepts in a real time environment. There are typically three Case studies in this phase which might vary in number with Online IT Guru faculty’s discretion.

Hands-on experience

OnlineITGuru has immense experience in proving Data Science based Services to many major cities in India and Abroad. Their faculty has experience in working in the industry in this Domain. The faculty provides real time assignments to the students to prepare them exceptionally well in the subject.

Course Features

Online Course Duration Course Duration : 70 Hrs

Highly interactive, reliable and quality learning sessions of the course are conducted by Online IT Guru. For a better learning experience, the courses are divided into distinctive phases and sessions.

Realtime Project Work Hands on Experience

Every module shall be followed by a practical experience of lab exercises. At the end of the course, the students will have to build a project on the concepts that were taught to them during the course duration.

Access Duration Life time Access Duration: Lifetime

Students will have a life time access to the course materials provided by OnlineITGuru. Students also have an opportunity to decide the duration of the course as per their schedule and convenience.

24x7 Support 24 X 7 Support

Concerned faculty can be contacted by the students if they are looking for help and assistance with respect to the course and its material. Students can approach their respective faculty to clear their quires either by email, phone or through live chat.

Online Course Certification Get Certified

At the end of the course, students will have to fare well in quizzes and testes conducted by the institute and the faculty in order to receive the required certification. To clear the Certification test with flying colours, students will be given model questions and certification dumps that would make them confident about attempting the test to get their Certification.

Placement Assistance Job Assistance

OnlineITGuru will help students find job opportunities with the newly acquired skill set. Online IT Guru has a varied bunch of Clientele around the globe, over 30+ companies in USA and India that have experience in working with different technologies. We would pass your resumes to them after the completion of the course and ensure that the students achieve 100% placements. During the testing and interview process for them, the required assistance shall be provided by Online IT Guru.

Data Science Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Data Science

  • What is Data Science?
  • Why Python for data science?
  • Relevance in industry and need of the hour
  • How leading companies are harnessing the power of Data Science with Python?
  • Different phases of a typical Analytics/Data Science projects and role of python
  • Anaconda vs. Python

Module 2: Python Essentials (Core)

  • Overview of Python- Starting with Python
  • Introduction to installation of Python
  • Introduction to Python Editors
  • Understand Jupyter notebook & Customize Settings
  • Concept of Packages/Libraries – Important packages(NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc)
  • Installing & loading Packages & Name Spaces
  • Data Types & Data objects/structures (strings, Tuples, Lists, Dictionaries)
  • List and Dictionary Comprehensions
  • Variable & Value Labels – Date & Time Values
  • Basic Operations – Mathematical – string – date
  • Reading and writing data
  • Simple plotting

Module 3: Scientific Distributions used in Python for Data Science

Numpy, scify, pandas, scikitlearn etc

Module 4: Accessing / Importing and Exporting Data using Python Modules

  • Importing Data from various sources (CSV, txt, excel, access etc)
  • Database Input (Connecting to the database)
  • Viewing Data objects
  • Exporting Data to various formats
  • Important python modules: Pandas, selenium, pandas SQL, python integration with HTML

Module 5: Data Manipulation – Cleansing – Munging using Python Modules

  • Cleansing Data with Python
  • Data Manipulation steps(Sorting, filtering, duplicates, merging, derived variables, sampling, Data type conversions, renaming, formatting etc)
  • Data manipulation tools(Operators, Functions, Packages, control structures, Loops, arrays etc)
  • Python Built-in Functions (Text, numeric, date, utility functions)
  • Python User Defined Functions
  • Normalizing data
  • Formatting data
  • Important Python modules for data manipulation (Pandas, Numpy, re, math, string, DateTime etc)

Module 6: Data Analysis – Visualization using Python

  • Introduction exploratory data analysis
  • Descriptive statistics, Frequency Tables and summarization
  • Univariate Analysis (Distribution of data & Graphical Analysis)
  • Bivariate Analysis(Cross Tabs, Distributions & Relationships, Graphical Analysis)
  • Creating Graphs
  • Important Packages for Exploratory Analysis(NumPy Arrays, Matplotlib, Plotly, seaborn, bokeh, Pandas and scipy.stats etc)

Module 7: Basic Statistics & Implementation of Stats Methods in Python

  • Basic Statistics – Measures of Central Tendencies and Variance
  • Building blocks – Probability Distributions – Normal distribution – Central Limit Theorem
  • Inferential Statistics -Sampling – Concept of Hypothesis Testing
  • Statistical Methods – Z/t-tests (One sample, independent, paired), Anova, Correlation and Chi-square
  • Important modules for statistical methods: Numpy, Scipy, Pandas

Module 8: Python: Machine Learning – Predictive Modelling – Basics

  • Introduction to Machine Learning & Predictive Modeling
  • Types of Business problems – Mapping of Techniques – Regression vs. classification vs. segmentation vs. Forecasting
  • Major Classes of Learning Algorithms -Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning
  • Different Phases of Predictive Modeling (Data Pre-processing, Sampling, Model Building, Validation)
  • Overfitting (Bias-Variance Trade off) & Performance Metrics
  • Concept of gradient descent algorithm
  • Concept of Cross validation(Bootstrapping, K-Fold validation etc)
  • Model performance metrics (R-square, RMSE, MAPE, AUC, ROC curve, recall, precision, sensitivity, specificity, confusion metrics )

Module 9: Machine Learning Algorithms & Applications – Implementation in Python

  • Linear Regression Single Variable
  • Linear Regression Multiple Variables
  • Gradient descent and Cost Function
  • Save Model using joblib and pickle
  • Dummy variable and one hot encoding
  • Training and testing Data
  • Logistic Regression (Binary Classification)
  • Logistic Regression (Multiclass Classification)
  • Decision Tree
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM)
  • Random Forest
  • K Fold Cross Validation
  • K Means Clustering
  • Deep Learning: Tensorflow And Keras: Introduction and Installation
  • Tensorflow & Keras – Neural Network For Image Classification
  • (Tensorflow2.0, Keras & Python) – Movie Review Classification

Module 10: Structured Query Language (SQL)

  • Introduction to MySQL
  • Designing Databases
  • Basic SQL
  • Database Structures
  • Doing Advanced Queries

Module 11: Tableau

  • Course Introduction
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Workspace
  • Getting Started with Tableau
  • Data Types
  • Data Roles: Dimension vs. Measure
  • Data Roles: Continuous vs. Discrete
  • Joins in Tableau
  • Prepare your Data for Analysis
  • Filtering Data
  • Sorting of Data
  • What is a Group
  • Sets
  • Grand totals and Subtotals
  • Formatting and Annotations
  • Different Charts Tableau
  • Create Calculated fields and Parameters
  • Dashboard

Module 12: Microsoft Excel

  • Quick Introduction
  • Creating Pivots
  • Creating Graphs
  • H lookup and V lookup
  • Basic Formulas

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Do we offer any discount on the course?

We offer Group Batch, Referral, Project, and One to One Training Discounts. If you enrolled for any course, you can take any other self-paced course as Free. Therefore, at the same time, you can learn two technologies.

Can we schedule the training based upon your availability?

You can schedule your training in all Time Zones. If you want, we offer training with US, UK, Australia, Europe Instructors in Weekends and Weekdays.

Who will provide the environment to execute the Practicals?

Our Instructor will Provide, server access to the Course aspirants. And hands-on practical training that everything you need for understanding the total course with Projects.

What is the qualification of our trainer?

Our Trainer is a certified consultant, at present he working with this technology projects and has significant experience.

Do we offer placements to the course seekers?

For Every technology, We have Job Placement Teams in India, USA and around the world. After your enrollment, we start Your resume preparation and train you to clear the certifications and Projects required for getting Job. Meanwhile, our Instructors will conduct Interview sessions and assign you projects. We forward your resumes to companies that we tie-up. We make you to get complete experience so that you get a Job.

Will OnlineITGuru help you in getting certified?

We Provide Assistance is Getting Certification. We promise you that after our training, you will definitely get certified in Respected Technology.

Do we accept the course fees in installments?

Yes, we accept Training payment in Two to three Installments, with respect to the mode of training you take.

What are the Live Projects that we provide?

Our Instructor Explains Every Topic and Project on the Software itself with real time examples. Every training Batch is considered as a software team and a project is assigned to them, after completing this project. The training will be completed. So that the Students feel the real time IT Company Environment During the Sessions, where our Instructor is like a Team Lead.

  1. A trainer has an awesome knowledge

    Excellent. This was my first Onlineitguru course. So far the best course in Data science. A trainer has an awesome knowledge on his subject and communicates very friendly. It is a course that will clear your essentials and make a solid establishment for data science. However, I absolutely love it! Thank you Onlineitguru.

    Online Training Reviews

    Shashi Rekha Thammaneni

  2. I had the satisfaction of meeting the Onlineitguru

    Can’t spring very great things! I had the satisfaction of meeting the Onlineitguru. I’d designate the course to any individual who needs to take a few to get back some Data science basics. I’ll surely look to Onlineitguru when I’m ready to level-up.

    Online Training Reviews


  3. Support and Staff

    The course is awesome. Trainer and community support are incredible, and a great organization trade with the item. A programmer will join every student with a guide is such an incredible feeling, to the point that I profit by excessively. I am excited to get significantly more practice with my recently gained experience. Thank you Onlineitguru for your support.

    Online Training Reviews

    Prudhvi Bharath Reddy

  4. Very helpful for practical knowledge

    The way of training by onlineitguru trainers is completely different from others, everybody can easily understand sessions and the real time scenarios is very helpful for whole training.



  5. Thanks to my trainer to gave this confidence

    Before joining in onlineitguru I don’t have any knowledge about Data science. But now I have a confidence to crack any interview. Great thanks to my trainer to gave this confidence with real time explanations.



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