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teradata interview questions

You are right place, If you are looking for Teradata interview questions and answers, get more confidence to crack interview by reading this questions and answers we will update more and more latest questions for you…

1) What is FAST LOAD in Teradata?

In Teradata, FAST LOAD option loads a huge amount of data from flat file into EMPTY tables.

2) What do you know about TeraData?

Teradata basically a relational database management system which is known due to some of its vast and useful features that are best enough to be considered for a number of tasks which are related to the data. It is considered when it comes to driving the data mart, OLAP and data warehouse applications of a business. It is best enough to b considered when it comes to managing the parallel processing of the data simply in no time.

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3) What is the true purpose of Dispatcher in Teradata according to you?

Well, it is capable to be considered for performing multiple tasks. However, it is widely considered as best for taking and storing the requests in a queue. It can help storing a very large number of requests in a defined manner. The multiple set of responses can easily be created after this and the users can save time and efforts both.

4) Name any two common ETL tools that you can use in the Teradata?

These are Informatica and Data Stage.

5) Is it possible to bypass or to send the TeraData jobs in the Unix Environment simply?

Yes, the same is possible and the users are free to do the same provided some basic conditions are fulfilled by them. This can be done by performing execution in the UNIX.

6) What are Locks in Teradata?

In Teradata locking prevents multiple users trying to access same data simultaneously.

7) What are the Levels of Locking in Teradata?

Locks can be applied at three levels: Database Locks, Table Locks, Row Hash Locks.

8) Write a query to identify the number of AMPs in the system?

By using SELECT HASHAMP() + 1; query we can find number of AMPs.

9) What is BYNET and What is the purpose of it?

BYNET is the main component of Teradata architecture and it acts as a message-passing layer. BYNET decides which AMP should receive a message.

10) Name an approach that you can apply easily when it comes to controlling the traffic in TeraData?

This can be done with the help of a feature called as Tpump which is actually a dedicated one for controlling and monitoring the traffic

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11) Explain GRANT statement in Teradata?

GRANT establishes explicit privileges for one or more users, proxy users, databases, or roles.

12) What are Transition Tables in Teradata?

A transition table is a dynamically created table that you can reference using a correlation name.

13) Explain TENACITY command in Teradata?

TENACITY command in Teradata specifies the total waiting time to establish a new connection.

14) What is the limit of assigning the gateway to the node in the Teradata?

In complex applications, there is no such limit how, one Gateway is assigned per node during the general use.

15) How you will check the version of TeraData? Is there any command in the Teradata to for same?

It can be checked easily with the following command

16) In TeraData, why the multi-load support NUSI rather than USI?

In TeraData, all the AMP are allowed to operate separately and they cannot be clubbed with USI especially when multi operations are executed at the same time. NUSI is a better approach that can easily be clubbed and a lot of time can be saved.

17) Tell something about the Parallel Data Extension in TeraData?

Parallel Data Extension is actually an interface layer which is responsible for operating the data in a parallel mode. In most of the cases, the volume of the data really doesn’t matter and the users are free to generate outcomes which are simply the best. This layer is present above the Operation system layer.

18) How can data be saved in case of a node failure?

While using the Teradata, the users are free to take advantage of a supreme feature for this. All the Vprocs are set to automatically move to the parallel nodes from the one that get fails and thus, the data can easily be recovered without making complex efforts.

19) Explain the ways to create a table in Teradata?

Tables can be created using CREATE TABLE statement, CREATE TABLE statement with column definition, CREATE TABLE from an existing table, CREATE TABLE statement with a SELECT statement.

20) Teradata MultiLoad supports how many populated tables?

Teradata Multi-load supports upto five populated tables.

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21) Is it possible in Teradata to analyze the symbols of string present at different locations?

Yes, the users can perform this task and generally for this, a process known as parsing is considered. The process simply check the different type of errors such as syntactical and, semantics. In addition to this, it can also be considered for the purpose of checking whether the object exists actually or not.

22) In TeraData, what exactly is Access Module Processor?

Access Module Processor is a virtual processor that is responsible for managing and controlling a single segment of a database. It is not possible by any other Access Module Processor to share the same. Thus, it is also called as a secure or a share-nothing architecture.

23) Can you tell something about the Parsing engine in TeraData?

It is basically an approach that is responsible for enabling the users to handle all the SQL requests and then provide responses in the SQL. There are several software components present in it and the users are free to split the SQL the SQL in different sections. These sections are then transferred to the AMP in a defined or in a random manner.

24) How data management is different from that of a database management?

Data management simply means managing a volume of data that is generally measurable or when the data size is small. It doesn’t take a lot of efforts even if the data is unstructured. The data is mostly a part of any large group in this approach. On the other side, database management is a bit different from that of data management although they both seem similar. In this, the volume of data is high and data can have multiple sources and types which are stored at a specific location. Managing the entire database is a bit difficult and sometime need times.

25) What is the PPI in TeraData?

PPI stands for Partition Primary Index and is basically a feature used for storage purpose. The storage is middle range and avoids the need of complete table scan.

26) what are Journals in Teradata?

In Teradata, Journals are placed on the system to provide data availability in the absence of process failure. There are two types of journals are available they are Recovery Journals and Permanent Journals.

27) Name the important locks in Teradata which you have already accessed?

These are Read Lock, Write Lock, Exclusive Lock, Maintain Lock and Access Lock

28) Name any unique feature which you find only in TeraData and not in any other Relational

There is a command known as “Update else Insert” (USERT) which is available only in TeraData.

29) In TeraData, what according to you is the biggest issue and how it can be avoided simply?

The failure of node is one of the major problems in the Teradata. Although the chances are less, it creates several glitches when happen. There is a dedicated feature in Teradata to control this situation and i.e. creating a Clique. The same is actually an assortment of nodes which is shared between the drives which are common. When this approach is considered, the failure of one node doesn’t make much impact.

30) when you will make use of Spool space in TeraData?

It is used for running the queries

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