JavaScript Training

Today many people develop web  applications Even though we have much application that performs similar tasks, only a few of it will go into live. This is because of lack of proper response of the user for the application. So it means developing a user-friendly especially mobile-friendly application is more important than developing the application with bulk features. An Application usually consists of several pages. These pages may include sign up forms as well as feedback forms to the server. So to make an application in an effective and efficient way people use languages like JavaScript. And this JavaScript training is responsible for developing the user -friendly applications. So people who were interested in Web application development is suggested to clear the JavaScript Certification. Clearing this certification increases your value in the IT industry.

JavaScript Training

Today JavaScript serves both as a Client side as well as the server-side scripting language. This allows the user to interact in a user-friendly manner and allows the creation of dynamic web pages. Moreover one of the best advantages of his JavaScript, it does not require expensive development tools. And you can start with text editors like Notepad. And it does not require any compiler. since JavaScript is implemented with HTML, it is easy to implement. Besides, JavaScript Certification has the following advantages:

Lesser Server interaction

Immediate feedback to the visitors

Increased interactivity

Richer interfaces

JavaScript certification

When compared with Course completion, Certification gives you more demand. And people these days can easily clear the certification through JavaScript Course. OnlineITGuru covers the Course starting with HTML elements, moving further with CSS  and then finally teaches you with JavaScript operators, loops, functions, event, dialog boxes as well as page printing.   And you people can easily clear the certification through online. Moreover,  OnlineITGuru conducts batches for every week. And you can enroll for the JavaScript course as per your availability

Languages were usually classified into different types like programming, Scripting as well as markup languages. These scripting languages were used to run both on the Client side (or ) on the server side. Today JavaScript is being used as one of the best languages in the IT industry.

JavaScript is a lightweight dynamic computer programming language.  JAVA script is mainly used in Web pages. Its implementation allows Client side script to interact with the user and to create dynamic web pages.  This script usually included (or) referenced by an HTML document for the code to implement by the browser. This JAVA Script has many advantages when compared to traditional CGI Scripts. When the user submits the form JAVA Script code is executed. And if all the entries are valid,  the data would be uploaded in the server. OnlineITGuru Covers the following topics in JavaScript course:

HTML forms



Working with Objects and Classes

Who can pursue this course?

Both graduates and Software professionals can pursue this Course. And also people who were interested in application development can pursue this Course.

What are the prerequisites to pursue this course?

There are nothing mandatory prerequisites required to pursue this course. It’s better to have the basic knowledge of languages like JAVA, HTML  etc.

Benefits of OnlineITGuru

Today JavaScript certification is being provided by many institutes through online. But one advantage of taking the course from OnlineITGuru is that you will get a self-placed video of your interesting technology from the available set of courses.

OnlineITGuru is providing the JavaScript course by the real-time industry. Trainers were very skilled people who were currently working in the industry with the least experience of 10 years. Along with training trainer will guide you some tips along with the useful material. This helps in clearing the certification.

Course Features

ETL Testing Training Course Duration : 10 Hrs

Highly interactive, reliable and quality learning sessions of the course are conducted by Online IT Guru. For a better learning experience, the courses are divided into distinctive phases and sessions.

ETL Testing Training Hands on experience

Every module shall be followed by a practical experience of lab exercises. At the end of the course, the students will have to build a project on the concepts that were taught to them during the course duration.

ETL Testing Training Access Duration: Lifetime

Students will have a life time access to the course materials provided by Online IT Guru. Students also have an opportunity to decide the duration of the course as per their schedule and convenience.

ETL Testing Training 24 X 7 Support

Concerned faculty can be contacted by the students if they are looking for help and assistance with respect to the course and its material. Students can approach their respective faculty to clear their quires either by email, phone or through live chat.

ETL Testing Training Get Certified

At the end of the course, students will have to fare well in quizzes and testes conducted by the institute and the faculty in order to receive the required certification. To clear the Certification test with flying colors, students will be given model questions and certification dumps that would make them confident about attempting the test to get their Certification.

ETL Testing Training Job Assistance

Online IT Guru will help students find job opportunities with the newly acquired skill set. Online IT Guru has a varied bunch of Clientele around the globe, over 30+ companies in USA and India that have experience in working with different technologies. We would pass your resumes to them after the completion of the course and ensure that the students achieve 100% placements. During the testing and interview process for them, the required assistance shall be provided by Online IT Guru.

Course Content for JavaScript Online Course

JavaScript Basics and Its Functionalists :-

  • Introduction, Advantages, Limitations
  • Syntax, Enabling & Disabling
  • Placement of JavaScript, Embedded, External
  • Variables Creation

Advanced Concepts of JavaScript :

  • Operators : Arithmetic, Assignment, Comparison, Conditional / Ternary, Logical
  • Decision Making Statements : If, If…Else, Nested If…Else, Switch Case
  • Looping Statements: While, Do…While, For, For..In
  • Loop Controls : Break & Continue
  • Functions : Call & Define, Parameters, Return Statement, Constructor
  • Events: OnBlur, OnChange, OnClick, OnFocus, OnLoad, OnSubmit.
  • Cookies : Storing, Retrieving, Deleting, Expiring
  • Page Redirecting
  • Dialog Boxes : Alert, Confirm & Prompt
  • Void Function
  • Objects : Object Creation, Properties & Methods Creation
  • Built-In Objects : Number, Array, Date, String
  • Error Handling : Try, Catch, Throw & Finally Blocks
  • Validations: Number, Text, Range, Email, Empty.


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