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Salesforce Training

OnlineITGuru provides the best training on salesforce CRM Modules. This course starts with the need and essentials of a cloud platform. And then moves with basics of Salesforce CRM.It then covers with a variation of salesforce Classic and lightning.

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Course Overview

Due to the expansion of the business from day to day, the demand for CRM tools is increased day today. Salesforce is one of the popular CRM that is available in the market today.Salesforce is the cloud-based CRM software. It is developed to make the organization function effectively and profitably. This platform is responsible for reducing hardware infrastructure costs. This offers a wide range of features in all functional areas of the company.ITGuru provides the best knowledge on the Salesforce CRM Platform. ITGuru provides the best Salesforce course by live industry experts from scratch. This Course covers entire salesforce training let you know the knowledge of various modules like Lightning, CPQ, Einstein Analytics and so on. We provide the best training on all these modules with live examples. All the course modules were designed to clear the certification

Salesforce Certification Training Objectives

  • Who can take this Salesforce course?

    There are no specific criteria for the people to enroll for the course. Anyone with a basic degree can enroll in this course

  • What are the prerequisites to learn Salesforce online?

    Enrolling into Salesforce training does not have mandatory prerequisites. But It’s good if the candidate has the basic knowledge of cloud computing

  • Why should you enroll for Salesforce Certification Course?

    Since the dependence on the Cloud platform is increasing day-to-day and to increase the CRM, knowledge on this course essential. Hence you should enroll in this course

  • What do you learn in Salesforce Online Course?

    In this course, you will hands-on experience on Salesforce CRM platform by real-time experts with practical use cases

  • What are the benefits on Salesforce Training?

    This Salesforce training gives you hands-on experience on Salesforce CRM platform and makes you to clear Salesforce Certification

Salesforce Certification Training Key Features

  • Lifetime Access

    You get lifetime access to the Learning Management System (LMS) where presentations, assignments, and installation guide on Salesforce Certification Training.

  • Assignments

    Trainers will assign some assignments soon after the completion of each and every topic that makes you master in the course and also helps you to clear Certification

  • Real-life Case Studies

    ITGuru trainers teach you each and every topic with real-world case studies that makes the learner understand in a better way

  • 24 x 7 Support

    We have 24x7 online support team to resolve all your queries

  • Certification

    IT Guru team has designed the course in the way to clear Certification as per the latest syllabus to make your dream come true

  • Job Assistance

    IT Guru supports learners in finding job opportunities with the newly acquired skill set. Online IT Guru has a varied bunch of Clientele around the globe, over 200+ companies in various countries like the USA and India. Soon after the completion of the course, the support team will pass your resumes to the companies and ensure that the learners will achieve 100% placements.

Salesforce Admin and Developer Course Syllabus

  • Could Computing Concepts
    • Introduction
    • Evolution of Could Computing
    • Comparison with Other computing techniques
    • Characteristics of Cloud Computing
    • Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Classification of Cloud Computing Services
    • PAAS (Platform As A Service)
    • SAAS (Software As A Service)
    • IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service)
  • CRM Concepts
    • CRM Vocabulary
    • CRM Processes
    • Marketing Process
    • Sales Process
    • Support Process
    • Lead Conversion Process
  • Creating Salesforce Developer Account
    • Salesforce Products Overview
    • Salesforce Editions
    • Creating Salesforce Developer Account
    • Salesforce overview
  • Products Overview
    • Overview of products
    • Sales : Sales Cloud
    • Service : Service Cloud
    • Social : Chatter
    • Appexchange
    • Editions and Pricing
  • Salesforce Object Management
    • Standard Objects and Custom Objects
    • Creating / Editing / Deletion of records
    • Creating Custom Fields, Custom Objects
    • Field Dependency, Field History Tracking
    • Lead Conversion Process
    • Web to Lead
    • Creating Applications & Configuration
  • Data Validation and Formula Fields
    • Learn about Salesforce CRM Data Validation
    • Create Data Validation Rules & Formula Fields
    • Salesforce Functions for Validation Rules & Formula Fields
    • Learn about the Custom fields & Unique properties
  • Customizing Page Layouts
    • Creating and Customizing Page Layouts (Fields, Buttons, Related Lists)
    • Page Layout Assignments
    • Creating Salesforce Business Records (Record Types)
    • Introduction to Business Processes (Lead Process, Sales Process, Support Process, Solution Process)
    • Customizing Record Types
  • Object Relationships
    • Datatypes – Read Only, Relationship and Generic
    • Lookup & Master details
    • One to Many & Many to Many relationships
    • Junction Object
    • Indirect Lookup & External Lookup relationships
  • Business Process Automation Tools
    • Workflow
    • Email Templates
    • Approval Processes
    • Process Builder
    • Visual workflow / Flows
  • Security and Data Visibility
    • Introduction to Salesforce Security Model
    • Role Hierarchy & OWD
    • Sharing Settings & Sharing Rules
    • Profiles & Permission Sets & Users
    • Public Groups and Queues & Assignment Rules
    • Field Level Security & Object Level Security
  • Data Management
    • Introduction to Data Loader
    • Import & Export Operations in Data Loader
    • Performing DML Operations on Records (Insert, Update, Delete, Upsert)
    • Introduction to Import wizard and Import & Export operations
    • Import wizard Vs Data Loader
  • Sales Cloud Implementation
    • Campaign, Leads
    • Account, Contact & Opportunity
    • Product, Pricebook & Contracts
    • Orders & Quotes
    • Web to lead
    • Email to case
    • Lead Assignment rules
  • Service Cloud Implementation
    • Introduction to Service Cloud and Objects
    • Case Assignment Rules
    • Web to Case & Email to Case
    • Case Auto Response Rules
    • Escalation Rules
    • Entitlement Management & Service Console
    • Live Agent Setup & Configuration
  • Community Cloud
    • My domain
    • Community Cloud builder
    • Partner & Customer Community
  • Enterprise Territory Management
    • Territory types
    • Territory models
    • Territory model states
  • Analytics in Salesforce
    • Creating Reports in Salesforce
    • Report Types (Standard & Custom)
    • Types of Reports (Tabular, Matrix, Summarize, Joined)
    • Creating Custom Report Types & Implementation
    • Scheduling the Reports
    • Introduction to Dashboards
    • Dashboard Components & Charts
    • Dynamic Dashboards
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    9775 11500

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    This course includes
    • 45 hours high-quality video
    • 2 projects
    • 22 downloadable resource
    • Lifetime access and 24x7 support
    • Access on your computer or mobile
    • Get certificate on course completion
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