Python for Loop

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There are some conditions where we need to  repeat the logic for some times (finite(or) infinite) then in such cases , we need to use loops. We continues the execution of loops until the condition becomes false.  Python supports three types of python for loop.

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While loop:

It repeats the statement (or) group of statements until the python while condition is true. It initially checks the conditions before the execution of the loop.  If the condition satisfies then it moves into the body of the loop. We use this loop when we are not sure how many types the loop must repeat.

Python for Loop








count = 1

while (count < 5 ):


   count = count *  2

print(“Good bye!”)

Output :




Good bye!

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For loop :

Like while loop for loop allows the block of code to be repeated certain number of time.The major difference between while and for loop is that, in python for loop we know the number of iteration required to break the loop.

Python for Loop

Syntax :

For variable in sequence:


Ex :

flowers  = ['jasmine', 'Rose',  'lilly']

for index in range(len(flowers)):

   print (flowers[index])

Output :




Nested loop:

If there is loop with in a loop then we call it as nested loops . It can be a while loop with in a for loop and vice versa.

Python for Loop

EX :

count = 1

for i in range(5):

    print(str(i) * i)

    for j in range(0, i):

        count = count + 1 

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