Servlet with IDE

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Servlet with IDE:

For developing the applications of JavaSE and JavaEE(J2EE) the Eclipse IDE is used .It is an open-source IDE we can download from the eclipse website

Creating Servlet Example in Ecplise:

  • Create a Dynamic web project
  • And create a servlet
  • add servlet-api.jar file
  • And Run the servlet

Create the dynamic web project:

Click on File Menu -> New -> Project..-> Web -> dynamic web project -> write your project name -> Finish.

 Create the servlet in eclipse IDE:

explore the project by clicking the + icon -> explore the Java Resources -> right click on  src -> New -> servlet -> write your servlet name -> next -> Finish.

 add jar file in eclipse IDE:

Right click on your project -> Build Path -> Configure Build Path -> click on Libraries tab in Java Build Path -> click on Add External JARs button -> select the servlet-api.jar file under tomcat/lib -> ok.

Start the server and deploy the project:

Right click on your project -> Run As -> Run on Server -> choose tomcat server -> next -> addAll -> finish.

JAVA Tutorial Video

How to configure tomcat server in Eclipse?

If first time using you Eclipse IDE, we must configure the tomcat server First.

click on servers tab at the bottom side of the IDE -> right click on the empty area -> New -> Servers -> choose tomcat ->versins -> next -> Browse button -> select apache tomcat and  root folder previous to bin -> next -> addAll -> Finish.

Creating Servlet in MYEcplise IDE:

Create a web project

create a html file

create a servlet

start myeclipse tomcat server and deploy project

1) Create the web project:

  • Click on File Menu -> New -> web project -> write your project name e.g. first -> Finish.

2) Create the html file:

  • Create the servlet:right click on WebRoot -> New -> html -> write your html file name->Finish.
  • A html file is created named MyHtml.html.

3) Create the servlet:

  • click on File Menu -> New -> servlet -> write your servlet name -> uncheck all the checkboxes except doGet() -> next -> Finish.
  • A servlet file is created named

Now let’s make the MyHtml.html file as the default page of our project. For this, open web.xml file and change the welcome file name as MyHtml.html in place of index.jsp.Click on the source tab to see the source code.

4) Start the server and deploy the project:

  •  Right click on project->Run as->MyEcplise.

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