Tableau Calculations

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These are the values  which are applied to the  values  in the whole table. For instance calculating  an aggregate or total.For this we have to apply a single technique for computation to a whole. This kind of calculations can’t be performed on chosen columns. By utilizing the computation work we would we be able to can modify the table values . These are connected on whole table and are  often depend to a table structure itself.

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It returns the number of rows  from the present  row  to the first row  in the partition. Whenever FIRST() is computed  inside the Date partition, the offset of the row from the second row  is – 1.

First/Tableau Online Tutorial/OnlineITGuru


 Returns the current row in the partition without any sorting with regard to value. The first  row index starts with 1.  When an index is computed with in the date partition. Index  is computed as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Index/Tableau Online Tutorial/OnlineITGuru


Returns the number of rows to the last row in the partition. When the LAST() is computed within the date partition, the offset of the last row from second row is 5.

Last/Tableau Online Tutorial/OnlineITGuru


Numeric Calculations:

Numeric calculations in Tableau are done  utilizing an extensive variety of inbuilt functions  available in the formula editor.Following steps were performed for numeric calculations

Create Calculated Field:

When connected to Sample – super store , go to Analysis Menu a Create Calculated Field.

Calculation Editor:

Here user can change the drop-down value can see only the functions related to numbers.

Formula Creation :

Here  user can create a formula for studying the difference between profit and discount for different mode of products. Name this field as profit_n_discount.

Formula Creation/Tableau Online Tutorial/OnlineITGuru

Apply Aggregate Calculations :

 Here we can create a calculated field using aggregate functions . Create AVG values for different ship mode.  Write the formula in the calculation editor as shown in the figure.

Aggregate Calculation/Tableau Online Tutorial/OnlineITGuru

Date Calculations :

Dates are one of the key fields which is widely utilized as a part of a large portion of the information investigation situations. Hence, Tableau gives an extensive number of inbuilt capacities including dates. You can  carry out complete straightforward date manipulations , for example, including or subtracting days from a date. You can also make complex expressions including dates.

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Create Calculated Field:

When connected to Sample – super store , go to Analysis Menu a Create Calculated Field.

Calculation editor :

Here user can change the drop-down value can see only the functions related to date.

Create Formula :

 Create a formula as shown below.

Create Formula/Tableau Online Tutorial/OnlineITGuru

Using Calculated Field :

Presently to see the created field , you can drag it to the Rows shelf  and drag the Sales field to the Columns shelf . Additionally drag the ship Date with months. The following screenshot   demonstrate the sales value.

Using Calculated Field/Tableau Online Tutorial/OnlineITGuru

LOD Expressions :

These are the expressions used to run complex queries involving  many dimensions at data source level  rather than bringing all the data to tableau interface .A basic example is adding dimension to an  previously calculates aggregate value.

 Types : There are three main types of LOD expressions.

FIXED Level of Detail Expressions:

These expressions compute values using the predefined dimensions without reference of other dimensions in the view. Create a formula as shown in the figure and then drags the field.  This produces a view which shows a fixed value for different views.

Fixed Level Expression/Tableau Online Tutorial/OnlineITGuru

INCLUDE Level of Detail Expressions

Include  level of detail expressions compute values   utilizing the predefined measurements in addition  whatever dimensions are in the view. drag the Sub-Category field to the Rows shelf . At that point, compose the articulation in the Columns shelf  as appeared in the following  screenshot. It creates the following  perspective which incorporates both the dimensions in calculations.

include level/Tableau Online Tutorial/OnlineITGuru

EXCLUDE Level of Detail Expressions

It specify dimensions to exclude from the view level of detail. Make the equation as appeared in the accompanying screenshot.

exclude level/Tableau Online Tutorial/OnlineITGuru

On dragging you will get the final result as shown below.

Final result/Tableau Online Tutorial/OnlineITGuru

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