Tableau environment

The Tableau desktop can be downloaded from the Tableau Desktop site.

After  downloading, the installation  is a straight forward process in which license agreement  and provide the target folder for installation . The below screen shots describe  the whole setup process.

Double tap the Tableau Desktop-64bit-9-2-2.exe will present  a screen to allow the  installation  program to run. Click Run.

Security warning

Accept the License Agreement:

Read the license agreement  and if agreed  pick the “I have read and accepts the terms of this license agreement” option . At that point Click “Install”.

License agreement

Start Trail:

On finishing of installation , the screen prompts with the choice to begin the trial now or later. Begin it now. Likewise if obtained Tableau at that point enter the License key.

start trail


Provide  your details :

Give name and  organization details . At that point Click “Next”.

provide trail


Complete Registration :

The registration completion  screen appears . click  “continue”.


complete registration

Verify Installation:

Verify  the installation  by setting off to the windows start  menu and clicking on the Tableau icon. This  screen appeared  below.

Verification file

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