Advantages of SWIFT Over IOS
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Today most of the people in the IT sector wish to work in a new field. The reason is to adopt in a field that is new to them.  Technology has been in existence over the past 5 decades. But the people today don’t use the same technology that was created  5 decades ago.  Soon as the days pass on, they would like to adopt the thing, that was new in the market. There are two main reasons for shifting the technologies. One reason is to enhance their skills in the  IT industry and the other reason is to reduce the work with the improvement of the technology. Each advancement of the technology has brought a new feature to reduce the amount of work to be done. Today in this article I would like to introduce the advantages of SWIFT over IOS.

So this technology never comes to an end. As long as the air exists, new technologies will go on increasing. These new technologies should depend either on the programming languages (or) on the databases.   We basically use all these technologies to develop an app (or) tool to make our work more convenient and simple. In this computerized world, it is nothing surprising to say that we could find a person without a mobile gadget. One of the evergreen mobiles which gives you a royalty is iPhone. This iPhone uses the IOS for its operations to perform. It’s operation. This is been in existence over the past few decades. Unfortunately, this IOS could not able to solve all the demands of the user. So overcome the problems of IOS developers introduced SWIFT. The  Reasons to adopt the  SWIFT in app design has mentioned in the previous article clearly.

So after the reading, the previous blog have got a doubt what are the advantages of SWIFT? Today, I’m here to solve your doubts. So now, I’m going to explain to you the Advantages of SWIFT over IOS.

Advantages  of SWIFT Over IOS :

Readability :

This plays a major role for the other programmers to understand the code. The more effective and efficiently written code, the less time to complete the work. Most of the developers don’t like C – language because of the use of pointers. As we know that IOS uses objective –C which internally uses pointers.It makes the other programmers understand the code.  So swift uses the pointer free programming language.

Have a look at the code written  using  objective –c and IOSAdvantages of SWIFT Over IOS

So in the above, the code in  SWIFT does not have any pointer, whereas the code in Objective –C has. So, it makes the developers more easy to understand the code in swift when compared to the code in objective – c.

Type safety :

Conditional statements were common in programming languages like  SWIFT.  These conditional statements check for the exact match value and the executes the logic in it. And it executes the default statement if any case in the program does not match. Today most of the programmers avoid writing the logic in the default statements but this SWIFT programming language forces you to write the logic in it. This is done because so as not to take the default values by the programming platform. It is known as safe unwrapping. This is one more example to say that the language has a good readability.Advantages of SWIFT Over IOS

Protocol Oriented programming :

Most of the developers today opt for the language that was reusable. This reusability makes the developer to reduce the amount of the work to be done.  This reusability is achieved through the protocol-oriented programming (pop). Thorugh the implementation of pop, we can achieve the code reusability through protocols and extensions. This concept is basically an opposition to the inheritance.

Type inference :       

In objective –C  while declaring any variable, its type must be given explicitly. But it is not possible for all the case, in some cases, demand changes and we  cannot predict the  type of the variable in advance. So to avoid such type of situation , this SWIFT programming introduces Type inference . It means , it doesn’t require for you for explicit  the type of the variable in advance .

Along with this there are are several advantages of SWIFT over IOS. So get all those advantages from the real-time experts through SWIFT Online Course Hyderabad.

 Recommended   Audience :

Software developers

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Prerequisites :

 There are nothing additional prerequisites required in order to purse the  SWIFT course. It’s good to have a basic knowledge of programming languages like C++ and dot net.  But not mandatory.  And the trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics if you don’t have a  knowledge of those concepts.

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