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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-04-28
Blue Prism vs Selenium: Explain the key differences

Today’s world is most dependent on automation processes and the activities within large businesses need this process. Here we are going to discuss the most useful automation tools Blue Prism and Selenium. Blue Prism is the most popular RPA tool for automation and Selenium is the web automation testing tool. In this comparison of Blue Prism vs Selenium, you will find the better tool to use for your needs.  

Learning the best skill about these testing frameworks can give you a better idea of modern automation testing. Today, there are many software testing tools available in the global market but only the best one can perform well.

Thus, the selection of the best automation tool is also important for a tester or user in the current era. This comparison will make you much wise in the product selection. And you can use the accurate testing tool for your testing needs.

Before going to dive into the comparison of the tools, let us know them individually in brief. 

What is Selenium?

Selenium is nothing but an open-source automation web testing framework that supports various platforms and browsers. It is mostly useful in validating web apps and also supports multiple coding languages like Python, Java, C#, Ruby, etc. These coding languages are useful in Selenium to build Test Scripts well. 

Blue Prism vs Selenium Difference

Moreover, testing executes using the Selenium testing tool is known as Selenium Testing which results in the best. Also, this testing tool is compatible with other OS platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, etc. Moreover, the tool also supports various mobile platforms like Android, iOS, etc. for testing purposes.

Selenium is a software suite of different tools where each piece caters to different QA testing requirements for organizations. Furthermore, it includes the following tools in its suite:-

Selenium- IDE, WebDriver, RC (Remote Control), and Grid.

At present Selenium WebDriver and RC, tools are merged to form a new tool Selenium 2 for running tests. Also, this tool is useful in automating functional tests and combining them with automation testing tools. Such as Docker, Jenkins, Maven, etc are most useful for integration with Selenium. These are useful in Continuous testing along with which users can also use JUnit & TestNG. They are useful for producing various reports and test management. It helps more to understand the tool in detail.

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What is Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is one of the best RPA tools developed by a UK-based software company in the recent era. This is a leading RPA tool in the automation field that offers software robots to automate clerical tasks like humans. It helps to eliminate manual works with robotics that provides automation. 

The development of this RPA tool is to make the business ops much agile and cost-effective in different terms. Such as manual, automation, rule-based, repeated back office works, etc. These processes are automated with high-level accuracy and will encourage a “digital workforce” through it.

The development of an RPA process includes various stages such as-

Analysis, Bot development, Testing of features, and Deployment. Later it includes the maintenance part also of the tool.

This automation tool is written on Java that offers flow charts such as visual designer and drag-drop facility with GUI. All this makes this tool use very smoothly and efficiently. The tool is very easy to learn without the need for many IT skills. 

BP also includes different sets of libraries, tools, runtime environments, etc. that help it improve. The major components of this automation tool are Process Studio and Object Studio, Control room, and Release Manager. 

The various RPA tools available in the market are KOFAX, GIANT, Jacada, Contextor, UIPath, AA, etc.

Hence, these are the brief intro to both automation tools in the Selenium vs Blue Prism comparison. Let us move further to know these distinctions in detail with more segments.

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Features of Selenium

The following important features of Selenium reveals how this tool supports automation and other aspects.

  • The tool is an automated web testing framework with open-source availability and portability.
  • It is a combination of various tools and DSL that helps in carrying out various software tests.
  • The tool is also useful in the execution of parallel tests to enhance productivity and minimize the testing time.
  • Also, this testing tool is also a leading cloud-testing platform where testers can record tests and transfer them. These testing scripts are also reusable for other tests.
  • Selenium web driver doesn’t need any server installation to execute. The test scripts here directly interact with the browsers without any disruptions.
  • It uses DSL for testing web apps.
  • This testing tool is very flexible as once test cases are prepared then they are useful to execute in any OS.
  • The testing suite also easily integrates with other testing frameworks. This is for app testing and producing various reports.
  • Also, this testing tool requires very few resources in comparison to other automation testing tools. It makes the tool much popular in usage than others.
  • Further, the commands of this tool are clear and classified as classes. So that anyone can understand easily and implement also. 
Features of Blue Prism
  • This tool is highly secure, scalable, and has a centrally managed virtual workforce of software robots that efficiently work.
  • It uses a queue-centric approach in managing different things. This helps to manage different resources and functioning robots in a queue provided. Hence, it works on the principle of queue management and task allocation that develops an automation solution.
  • Moreover, this tool provides many robust features like data encryption, end-to-end audit, and load balancing, etc. Hence, every little change in the automation process is audited here and a report is sent to the related users.
  • The latest version of Blue Prism 6 offers support to the various cloud platforms like MS Azure and Amazon AWS.
  • Also, this tool can help to automate the software developed through various languages like Java, Mainframe, Windows, etc. 
  • This tool is also useful to automate various business processes. Hence, there is no limit in executing and automating tasks. 
  • It helps to deliver accurate results of the various business automation processes each time.
  • Furthermore, the tool offers a highly scalable and resilient environment to automate processes much easier.
  • The tool is built to work on various tasks consistently without human intervention and disturbances. Also, it provides advanced-level configuration analytics. 
  • Also, it provides cloud support to various business needs that enhance its functionality to automate processes. 
  • It also helps in automating different file formats like CSV, XML, PDF, Excel, and other image files.
  • Further, it has a smart execution feature and multi-platform support to automate software written in different coding languages. Also, it can automate the code written for many web-based apps.
  • It also provides digital exchange facilities and dependency tracking features to track components’ strategy of referencing. This helps to boost the development and maintenance of processes.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Selenium

The below points denote the various advantages of the Selenium automation testing software suite. 

  • It is a highly extensible and flexible tool for automation testing.
  • The tool is available for free to use without any licensing fee.
  • Supports multi-platform test operations along with parallel mode.
  • Also, provides great support to different coding languages.
  • Distribution testing is one of the advantages of this tool.
  • Moreover, a non-programmer can also use this tool through the record and playback features.

The following are a few Cons of this automation testing tool.

  • This tool is incapable of executing mobile automation processes on its own.
  • It only works with web-based apps and doesn’t offer extensive support to Windows apps.
  • Further, it has some issues in managing various frames and popups. 
  • It isn’t able to automate captcha and barcodes.
  • This tool mainly depends upon various 3rd-party tools for reporting like cucumber and TestNG.
  • Image testing is not much better through this tool.
  • Automation of test cases on fingerprints is a lack here.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Blue Prism

There are many pros and cons of this RPA testing tool in this context. The following are the various advantages of using the Blue Prism automation tool.

  • It uses RPA for automating various business processes such as record maintenance, computations, etc. 
  • This tool is built to provide highly efficient end-to-end business process solutions through automation testing.
  • The tool needs only 4-6 weeks to apply successfully.
  • Besides, it offers secure connectivity, data storage, and access through multi-layer encryption algorithms.
  • This tool is built to provide higher investment returns or ROI with self-funding returns.
  • To increase the bot speed it automates the apps’ controls and fields wherever they are.
  • It has a rich analytics suite that offers high-end robust features to its users.
  • Through custom digital front-end combinations and back-office automation, it offers interactions with humans and efficiency progress.
  • The latest Control Room features enable real-time feedback on the robot’s status. This helps to get overall insights into the digital workforce without any fail.
  • Also, it is capable of secure RPA services through custom permission features.
  • High-secured password vaults or firewalls are the major impacts of this testing tool.

Hence, these are the benefits of using the BluePrism tool and now we will discuss a few Cons also of this tool.

  • It leads to potential job loss with the replacement of humans with robots. It is quite good to reduce the errors in potential tasks that robots can handle efficiently but it has to consider for the next generation. 
  • Also, the usage of this tool also produces some ops risks. It is ok that robots will receive better than human beings and there are zero error chances. But robots cannot think innovatively like humans when things go wrong and raise queries. It will not revert to ask questions and not surrender the tasks. Hence, bugs will increase due to this and ops get fails so it needs to perform certain checks. 
  • While using the RPA tools for tasks’ automation and enhanced operations they lack some points. Such as governance, planning, and execution, vision, and objectives, etc. It needs to align the top management in line to plan the business needs accordingly. This will help to build necessary executions on time.
  • As RPA is still in the innovation stage, it can put unwanted challenges before. This may also result in very useless things. Hence, it is not easier for many enterprises to implement RPA processes in their operations. It may cost much higher and there is high risk also in this regard. They can wait until it expands more exclusively to provide better results.
  • Selecting the process suitable is also a major thing here. It is always best to select the tasks that are repetitive, and less human intervention need. Some processes may doesn’t progress without human touch. Hence, there is a limitation in the RPA process implements.

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How much easier is Selenium to learn?

Selenium is very easier to learn and simple to implement but it needs to have some skills in coding languages like Python, Java, C#, etc. Otherwise, also anyone can start learning the Selenium IDE is GUI-based and easy to understand. So you can implement it easily without any worries. 

Any newbie can start learning this tool with or with the knowledge of the above things. As the tool looks simple and easier, its real-time implications also will give the same feel. GUI features of this tool help to learn things graphically with more interest. Thus, it presents the latest automation testing trends in the IT market and the upcoming changes. 

Hence, we have gone through the various distinctions between the above tools and their uses. I hope it will help you to understand well these automation test tools and choose the best one wisely.


I hope you got the basic idea of what is what regarding the comparison between Blue Prism and Selenium tools. These automation testing tools make the business processes much easier in their execution through proper tests. Hence, automation testing has witnessed many changes and still going on. This testing also leads to better performance of business software to produce high-end reports useful in making decisions. Get more knowledge of the testing framework through real-time experience with Selenium Online Training at the ITGuru platform. This learning may help you score well in your professional career.