Differences between Dimension and Measure

Take an attention, I am going to explain the differences between Dimension and measure. And, can we have multiple dimension?  In the training days on the tableau, we can use Tableau to connect the data, this software can classify each field as Dimension or Measure. It is the essential topic in the tableau.  Understanding dimensions and measure makes to create a visualization very easy. And, we can move forward. One thing I want to say,  decide your goal and don’t stop until you reach! Not just for tableau take any technology, practice and hard work is important. Coming to a small overview on Tableau. Take a look on below.

Coming to an overview on the tableau, It is the most important tool for data visualization in the very easy way. If we take seriously on course, just it will take to complete in a week. With this tool, we can understand the data very easily and the result will be in very fast. It can pursue both small and big company. It can use by academic researchers, business, government organization for visual data analysis. Tableau transfer the data without any limitation. Some peoples are worried about coding. For those peoples, need not worry about the higher level of programming. By the time you complete the course, you will be the proficient Tableau user. To best way to learn Tableau in a fast way is Jump to the Tableau Online Course (OnlineITGuru). In this blog, I explain the Differences between Dimension and Measure.

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Differences between Dimension and Measure

The Tableau software will classify the field in measures or dimensions. This is the important topic in the tableau. If we knew about this topic, it much easier to work the data in Tableau. Suppose, just think that you were a business user. This is the first time for you to enter into the dashboard. As the system asks the what is Dimension and What is Measure.

Once you listen to the word dimension, I think you go back to the school days math class right! Not only you everyone throwback to those days. Tableau, Qlick and some other companies use these words to clear the difficult situations in a simple way. For that, these companies ask you to tell the critical situation. In that situation, the system needs to know that what data are present on which chart, these are the best cases to ask. Let’s know about What is Dimension?

 What is Dimension?Differences between Dimension and Measure

Dimension means what we can see data through the lens. Based on Tableau it is an independent variable. In tableau, it can create the field by default as a qualitative, categorical information as a dimension. Take an example, If we are looking at sales by days in a month, then the dimension is the days of the month. As well as we are looking at GDP by country, in this case, the dimension is country.

What is Measure?Differences between Dimension and Measure

The measure means, it is a numeric value to identify the data very easily. Based on Tableau it is a dependent variable. If the field containing numeric information, tableau treat as a measure. If we are looking at sales of the employees. In that case, employees are the dimension and sales are the measure. It is a dependent variable which does not provide much value itself. Can we have multiple dimensions?  Tableau experts say that! Yes. In some cases, we can use multiple dimension. I will explain with an example below.

Now, it’s possible with multiple dimensions we can see the data at the same time. The best way to explain the example for multiple dimension is: If we are looking at GDP by country at last 30 years. In that case the last 30 years and the countries both the dimensions. So, we have two dimensions and one measure. Finally, I gave small information about this blog Differences between Dimension and Measure.  Go through the OnlineITGuru for detailed information on Tableau Certification.

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