We are in the fast generation like how we can reduce our work and done with very accurately. Our main agenda is, how to focus on to minimize the work with help of several tools.

Software Testing:

Software: A set of executable programmes in a computer (or) A set of collection of programmes is called software.

Testing: Validating expected values and actual values.

              Client requirement is called expected values.

              Based on the requirement of final development is called actual value.

What is Software testing?

It is a process of executing an application with an intention of finding defects.

Software Testing is 2 ways:

1) Manual Testing

2) Automation Testing

1)  Manual Testing: Its a process to conduct testing on application by human interactions without using an automated tool called manual testing. In this type, there are many phases of manual testing are unit testing, system testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing.

2)  Automation Testing: Its a process to conduct testing on application with the help of tool and software which is called Automation Testing. By using Automation the test scenarios were performed manually, repeatedly and quickly. Compare to manual testing, it improves the accuracy, saves times and increases the test coverage.

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Testing Methods in Software Testing:

Black-Box Testing:

Without having any knowledge of the interior working of an application is known as black-box testing. When we perform the black-box test, the tester will connect the user interface by providing inputs and investigate outputs, even don’t know the how and where the inputs worked upon.


  • For code segments, it is well convenient and logical.
  • For this method no need of code knowledge.
  • Without any coding language, a large number of testers can test the application.
  • It will separate from user perspective to developer’s perspective through clearly defined roles.


  • Week testing, because the tester has limited knowledge about an application.
  • Blind analysis, Due to poor knowledge of code the tester cannot target the specific code.
  • Very Difficult to design the Test cases.

White-Box Testing:

White-box testing involves very detailed analysis of structure and internal logic of the code. By using this method tester needs to know the internal coding. White-Box is also known as Glass Testing

Grey-Box Testing:

In this technique, whether we can test an application limited knowledge of the internal working is sufficient.

Automation Tools Classified into Two Types:

  1. a) Functional Testing Tool
  2. b) Non Functional Testing Tool

a) Functional Testing Tool :

  • Selenium
  • RFT (Rational functional testing

b) Non Functional Testing Tool:

  • Load runner
  • J-meter (or) RPT (Rational performance tester

Automation Life Cycle:

  1. Test Planning
  2. Test Analysis
  3. Test Environment
  4. Generating Script
  5. Debugging
  6. Execute Script
  7. Defect Report

What is Selenium? As Selenium is the best tool for Software Testing?

The most famous Open-source web-based automation tool is Selenium. Selenium is not just a tool but it suites for software also. It supports multiple operating systems. For evergreen automating web-based applications, we can use Selenium.

selenium online training in bangaloreSelenium is most popular software taken by the organizations for automation testing of web applications. They are several reasons why management chooses to selenium for automated testing. But we can discuss some reasons why we are using.

The purpose of using selenium tool instead of other tools, because it has a that much of ability to operate on every OS. It supports different languages like Python, Ruby, Pearl, PHP, Java, .Net(C#). By using the selenium, we can execute simultaneous tests averaging different browsers on different machines. This is the reason why we can use the Selenium as the best tool.

Features of Selenium:
  • Selenium is an open-source
  • It Supports all browsers
  • It Supports all OS
  • It Supports all Languages
  • Less Resource
Recommended Audience:

Software Developers

System Admins

Project Mangers

Team Leaders


There is nothing prerequisite required for learning Selenium.It’s good to have analytical skills and knowledge of some and the basic idea of troubleshooting and some knowledge of programming languages like Java, C#,  PERL and one database like MySql. But not mandatory.Trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics.
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