CSSA stands for Certified Senior System Architect .It is the Certification in PEGA for the people who completes CSA Certification. Before going to know about this certification lets first know about PEGA and Explain about PEGA CSSA.

Pega is a recognized industry pioneer in the BPM category. Pegasystems is a main supplier of business process administration (BPM) frameworks and client relationship management solutions.

 The Pegasystems Certified Professional Program has made an overall group of thousands of Ensured Professionals, attracted by a promise to exceed expectations in their capacity to convey world class Pega applications. At the point when a Senior System Architect takes an interest in the plan and advancement of a Pega application there  are principal, fundamental Pega aptitudes and learning territories that must be applied to guarantee achievement.  Pegasystems is focused on giving you the preparation, devices, and learning expected to achieve certification as a Senior System Architect (CSSA). Get in touch with OnlineITGuru for mastering the PEGA online Training Hyderabad.

CASE Management:

Case management can be extremely challenging. Regularly, cases utilize numerous procedures that must be finished to determine the general case. Commonly case management forms obtain information from various systems,span numerous departments and can affect each other. However this case management multifaceted nature must be adequately arranged to guarantee the case is pushing ahead with consistency, precision and proficiency.

Case Management process in Real – Time:

With Pega’s dynamic case management, you can adjust to the unexpected, either through event driven, automated changes to the case and its procedures or through the expansion of specially appointed work. Pega case management combines continuous flexibility with its selective “design by-doing” solution for planning cases which permits ad -hoc additions. Whenever a comparable situation happens, the capture template can be applied.Whenever a comparable situation happens, the previous format can be applied. This progressive approach enable  dynamic — even “organic ” — case management  that keeps on enhancing and dependably mirror the reality  of the case work being finished.

Optimize your case management process with all unconventional case management    that backings the majority of the work required. Pega case management makes it simple to bring together the various procedures and substance required for the case, its sub-cases and its tasks.

Handle each special case with effeciency. Utilizing adaptive  case flow  you can react naturally and progressively to occasions, and surprising work can be consolidated as a case continues.

Upgrade case management  capability and understanding . The case manager desktop gives complete visibilty  into each case, its settled sub-cases and undertakings and also their connections to each other and the case management process  , system  and individuals taking an interest.Get in touch with OnlineITGuru for mastering the PEGA.

Increment consistency and dispense with mistakes. Ongoing, setting based case administration preparing guarantees the correct procedures, guidelines, substance and interface are utilized in view of the particular setting of the case by then.

Reduce time and expenses for executing case management solutions. Pega’s “plan by doing” capacity empowers new cases, sub-cases and assignments to be saved  and reused. The Pega case planner gives a simple to-utilize, recognizable interface for making new case types and their related procedures that simply and accelerate the procedure of execute new case management applications.

Types of Cases :

Temporary Case: Pega Platform persisting a temporary case you can use the Persist Case shape to make a temporary case … you can save resources and ensure that your application creates only unique cases. Add the Persist Case shape to the life cycle of your case.

Duplicate Case:A duplicate case is an open example of your case type that matches a set of conditions that you characterize. In business forms, recognizing and disposing of copy cases as early as conceivable helps in avoiding the work of investigating, updating, and resolving the two cases.

Recommended Audience:

This course is for all audience those who are interested in working business development in any organization. Stakeholders, project managers and who can understand the basic core concepts of Pega marketing. It is used for Pega certified system Architects and providing Pega 7 related support in decision management.


One should have the basic fundamental knowledge on Html & Xml and finally, should have the understanding of the logic to developers and must have some knowledge of object-oriented programming languages like java or C++.Hence the class structure and inheritance used in the product.

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