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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Explain about ServiceNow Integration?

Integration is an exchange of information between company applications and servicenow instance . We can establish integrations before or after the Servicenow implementation goes live. However the best practice is to enable the implementation before it goes live. Enabling integrations before implementation allows you to test the integration. This is especially important for integrations to the user lists or single sign on applications. Service now integrates with variety of third party applications and data sources. It usually integrates with problem management, Integration management,CMDB, User administration. For this integration it uses variety of techniques like JDBC, Email, Excel, CSV, Web Services, SOAP, WDSL (OR) REST. A servicenow implementation connects from a single machine using a fixed IP address through the specific port on your firewall. This allows fire wall to limit the traffic to the particular IP address .

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Integration technologies:

Generally Service now platform is based on Service oriented architecture in which all data objects uses web services to access bi – directional data integration. The interface is dynamic and direct in which all modifications to the existing objects and for all the new objects were automatically published as a web service as a Direct Web Service.  At the same time the Mapped web service uses indirect web service creation in which transform map is used to gather the incoming web service data into final targeted tables.For irrelevant data an advanced Scripted Web service is available for defining process based services.

Additionally this platform offers a rich interface for loading external data using import sets. The major advantage of this feature you can load data from various data sources such as HTTPS, FTPS and SCP from various formats like XML, CSV and XLS files.Information pulled from a data source using JDBC connection.Data can pulled from one platform another using ODBC Driver. Advanced Scripted web service is available. In Addition Advanced scripted web service techniques is available for  defining process based web services where data is irrelevant which serves as a process or composite of actions that execute the server

Integration between ServiceNow Instances:

Especially there are some situations where you need to perform a specific integration between your instance and other servicenow instance. Instance – to – Instance integrations are snap because all integration points exists between those two instances

Login:Servicenow supports a user logging feature.Its techniques include single sign –on, Loading users as well as dynamic user record creation, groups and location data.

User Data:Dynamic User accounts created using Servicenow by importing active directory or Open LDAP implementation. You can do this securely through point – to point VPN. Moreover we can use dynamic mapping of data sources such as such as files or data bases through JDBC for importing groups, data into servicenow using import sets.

Data and Process: Data and process integration categorized as event based or batch load

An event based integration, creates records for the purpose of  triggering additional work flow of the system more on demand and usually with a smaller payload. It records usually go through an a\external queuing table called ECC Queue.

 Batch or load based integration usually done with a scheduled import set where mapping and script defined to gather data from various data sources into the system and transform them into the  records in tables.

User Interface integration: Integration at user Interface level allows standard exposure of knowledge based articles in to websites seamless embedding of service now charts and  reports into portals  , embedding of in context  URL’s into other web enabled applications.


Servicenow has various benefits by integrating servicenow with third party applications.

Below are options of servicenow for integrating with third party applications:

We can build our own custom integration using platform integration interfaces.

Users can install integration from a share

Install a certified integration from the serviceNow store

Activate ServiceNow provided integration.

Recommended Audience : Software DevelopersProject MangersAnalytical ProfessionalsETL professionalsPrerequisites:It is good to have knowledge on   programming languages like Java Script , Server  maintenance Apache Tomcat and data bases SQL, MySQL. But it is not Mandatory .Trainers will teach you from the basics.

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