Explain oracle ilearning
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Oracle ilearning is the newest way to select oracle customers and best way to update workforce performance. It declares Services and Channel sales, with oracle learning we get maximum profit by selling training products to customers. It already proved that it is best learning solution for all oracle customers. In this blog Explain oracle ilearning we are going to discuss most important topics.

Now we Discuss what are the benefits of it. ilearning provides benefits that depended on the performance. Check our what is oracle blog for more information.

Explain oracle ilearning

Afterwards it Provides training in three Different ways, that is Self-paced training, Seminar training, and Instructor-LED training. known as e learning. It accepts self-registration process for all websites. Accordingly You can design catalogs, that considered to Learner Company, completely with strongest search engines. It offers mutual learning platform, by using default webinars, texting, discussion forums.

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This all will get connected to one database. At present, we have many technology benefits with it. This training is done with industry standards like SCORM, IMS,  AICC. It make use of web services for elastic Integration with other type of systems. You can measure from small-scale industries to large-scale industries.

You have low risk, low cost with oracle support web conferencing Integration. Use this service in a Installed model or a hosted model. We know that it is platform for handling and delivering personal learning, that can be accessed anywhere, any time, on any device. It maximizes your company reach with consistency, secured global learning for business partners, users and many more.

Oracle ilearning – Complete solution for all learning platforms

Scalable and Flexible learning

Oracle corporation offer eCommerce options for users, who maintains a profit training Business, offer training for their own company itself. It is suitable for all learning institutes small scale and big scale.

Powerful Administration

Each and every training handled, managed with one central Cat Log, that offered by a well-built access control for all administrators.


We can design sub-sites, web sites to offer single unique look, you can offer them for different communities and organisations.

Multiple Learning

We can use ilearning on your smartphone, tablet and many gadgets.

Social learning

You can communicate with your friends and colleagues, with multiple number of social websites. Therefore You can refer this course to others.

Easy to use

Especially Learning made simple with your personal catalog. In your personal catalog, you can browse and search learning. As a result You can view your e-learning, training history, write reviews for your friend learners. At the same time have a best option to provide value to your training. You can do all this with an easy environment.

How to setup oracle ilearning account?

Here we will discuss, technical setup and troubleshooting, How to create student accounts in ilearning, Assigning syllabus to students. How can we change student password. For example how we can run the reports. For instance What are the important questions.

First we will discuss trouble shooting and technical setup. Implement it on T1 line. Not to mention If the access is slower, it may lead to upstream or down stream performance issues, with the syllabus and exams.

What is required for oracle client ilearning

Similarly an internet explorer, with Java script, a latest version of adobe flash player and adobe acrobat reader. However Browser settings should be, caching option turned off, cookies enabled, pop ups allowed or blocked.

Specifically for creating a new student account, go through oracle Sql academy web page which has instructor account. After that click on oracle ilearning, then click on admin button for getting access to admin privileges.

The content tab is starting page that displays, you don’t see anything that listed there. However,  At the top right you can see four tabs, like Reports, eCommerce, users, content.

Next click on the users tab, then click on the user tab. Most Important you can see the school company name on the left side of the screen. Click on the school name to display, you get the property links. It gives easy and simple customization. Simultaneously Latest resource management will allow the users to handle and design classroom, instructor resources.

Not to mention, these are the best things, that you have to know about it. Don’t worry I will update the latest news about ilearning in upcoming blogs. So, If you are interested in oracle training, enroll with oracle online training and get more details, about course curriculum and many more.

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