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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is Oracle?

What is Oracle?

Oracle is the first company designed Relational database management system, known as Oracle DB. It is the biggest vendors in the present IT market. It has an RDBMS database that formally known as an Oracle database. Many IT companies access this database, it supports multiple transaction processes and BI and analytical applications. It explains the importance of what is Oracle.


In the year 1979, Oracle Corporation, the first company made RDBMS available for everyone. Still, it is the best database vendor at the point of Revenue. Mainly it operated by a database and has a share of 50% on worldwide.What is Oracle

After the RDMS was started, it expanded its Product by Internal development. Now also it is selling many databases, multiple business applications, data storage equipment, and other technologies. In addition, it is a cloud-computing vendor.

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At present oracle is the technology that commonly associated with the companies. Moreover, it is the best data management platform, for its applications and data warehouse.

The architecture of Oracle Database’s

Generally, like every RDBMS software, it also a database designed by SQL. The standardized programming language used by many database administrators and many IT professionals to handle databases. The data will be stored in them. It connected with PL/SQL that Developed and designed by Oracle. On the other hand, this will add a set of programming extensions to original SQL. These both are at a common place to RDBMS vendors. It also supports programming in Java and scripts that designed in PL/SQL.

From the Oracle point of view, a database server also contains a database for storing the data.  Every database contains a combination of logical storage structures. Physical storage structure contains control files, data files, and metadata.What is Oracle

From where oracle came

In the past, CEO Larry Ellison and co-founder Bob and Ed Oates founded Oracle. It is formerly known as software development laboratories, consulting services company. It started with $2000 Investment and proved the uses of the relational databases importance.

In starting SDL referred RDBMS, without Database. After completion of one project, three founders worked on CIA. In 1978 SDL started the first version of the software and it never came into market as a product. In next year it followed by version 2 and it is the first relational database system in the market. Finally, After few years in 1982 it renamed as Oracle systems corp and in 1995 it became Oracle corp.

In 2017, it released 11 main updates of the RDBMS, 12C version, it released with a multi-tenant architecture, with this users start to configure many operational databases, in one container database. In addition, handle them as a one at the container level.

Starting versions of Oracle

If we look back into the history of Oracle version, RDBMS software development 3rd version that came in 1983. In all honesty Designed to operate on a combined mainframe, at the same time it released PC systems and minicomputer.

An especially 4th version came in 1984; it offered users the best view of data. Version 5 will be released in next year. It adds support to the querying and computing on many distributed databases. Version 6 was released in 1988, started with PL/SQL.

Editions in Oracle Database

Database is available in for different editions. Each edition will provide a different type of functions and measurability. Not to mention It contains all the software features and designed for implementing big organizations. Which runs on high transaction data and data warehousing and internet applications. As a result whatever happens, Standard edition much-limited offers, for work group and applications.

Other Oracle technologies

It not only provides databases, but also offered by Oracle support E-business suite. Oracle Fusion applications and other business applications. By the same token enterprise manager, fusion middle ware, business Intelligence 12 C and Big data Discovery.

In the same way, it Introduced their first applications, a combination of accounting software applications known as Oracle applications.  After that, it launched E-business suite, a collection of company resource planning, human resources, and many supply chain management applications. In the year 2005, it purchased PeopleSoft. Inc.

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